67-cts Emerald Parcel for True North Gems

67-cts Emerald Parcel for True North Gems

The fine grade class of faceted emeralds was 768 facets

True North Gems cut its first parcel of gem grade emerald rough from the companys Tsa da Glisza property in Yukon Territory, Canada. The parcel yields emeralds weighing a total of 67.3 carats with individual emeralds weighing up to 1.5 carats. The fine grade class of faceted emeralds was 768 facets. All of the emeralds were manufactured into rounds, squares, and emerald cuts. Gemological grading of the faceted emeralds was completed at the companys secure laboratory facility in Vancouver.

In addition, 136 cabochons weighing in aggregate 29.05 carats were received. The parcel, comprising 230.11 grams of clean, processed gem grade emerald rough, was forwarded to an overseas cutting factory in September 2005.
"We are very pleased with the improvements in facet and cabochon cutting yield from the first parcel of 2005 gem grade emeralds as compared to the overall 2003/2004 gem and near-gem material,� said Greg Davison, Tsa da Glisza project manager.

Glisza said that loose polished wholesale valuations of comparable 2003-2004 emeralds ranged from $10-$150 per carat. Test retail marketing of similar faceted emeralds in finished signature jewelry pieces during 2005 returned emerald valuations of $556-$737 per carat. Fine and extra-fine 2003-2004 emeralds, between 10-20 points, were valued independently on a loose polished wholesale basis at $40-$600 per carat.

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