HRD launches Lab Link service in New York

In association with Malca-Amit as logistics partner
HRD launches Lab Link service in New York

New York now HRD Antwerp’s Lab Link Service in its very locale, in association with logistical partner Malca Amit. The diamond merchants in New York can gain direct access to the HRD Antwerp - Diamond Lab. Clients can submit their diamonds to be graded to Malca-Amit based in New York office, who will pick them up at the clients’ offices, and return the graded diamonds with the certificates back to the clients’ office.

This service in New York offers the complete range of services provided by the HRD Antwerp Diamond Lab in Antwerp, which includes full diamond certificates, fancy colour diamond certificates, laser inscriptions with the HRD Antwerp Certificate ID number inscribed on the girdle, and sealing, which guarantees the association between the stone and the certificate. The service is also tailored for smaller and medium sized companies that send out parcels of limited size.

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