WGI launches programmes for US consumers

Intends to better the purchase environment
WGI launches programmes for US consumers

Based on its research findings of buying behaviour of the US consumers and the importance of certification during purchase, the World Gemological Institute (WGI) has developed a set of programmes for the US industry professionals. It announced the same at the JCK Las Vegas Show.

WGI will provide training to sales staff of the US retail stores, consumer education and marketing. Its co-branding programmes aim at the retailers as well as a Custom Inscription Service and Categories for “Ideal” and “Hearts & Arrows” cut classifications. Also, being a member of the IDI Group of Companies, its products would also be employed for the Israeli Diamond Industry.

President of the Israel Diamond Exchange and President of the WFDB, Avi Paz added at the conference that with the IDI itself expanding, the presence of the new WGI (with new programmes) can help the Bourse meet global level needs of Israeli diamond companies. Eli Avidar, Managing Director of the IDI Group mentioned that the lab would serve both the Israeli and international diamond world.

According to Barak Green, VP Strategy and Development for WGI in the US, the lab can reach out to a number of US customers through the IDI, which had sold over US$3.73 billion in net polished exports to the US in 2007.

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