Hari Krishna Exports Launches Pin of Hope at JCK Las Vegas Show

Combining its proven expertise in jewellery-making and sustainable development, Hari Krishna debuts the Aasha Pin at JCK Las Vegas
Hari Krishna Exports Launches Pin of Hope at JCK Las Vegas Show

In line with its participation in this year’s JCK Las Vegas, Hari Krishna Exports launched and showcased its latest addition to the collection of exceptional natural diamonds and finely crafted jewellery, designed to captivate and inspire.

JCK Las Vegas is one of the largest and globally renowned jewellery trade fairs providing an exceptional experience of knowledge exchange and networking to the industry for 30 years. Every year, it gathers around 30,000 professionals from 130+ countries, making it a melting pot for designers, buyers, students, suppliers, manufacturers, etc. JCK Las Vegas is also known for its excellent selection of suppliers and designers, unique educational experience, and cutting-edge technology.

Combining its proven expertise in jewellery-making and sustainable development, Hari Krishna debuted the Aasha Pin at JCK Las Vegas. The set of stunning diamonds is a testament to Hari Krishna’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Taking inspiration from the Hindu term Aasha meaning hope or desire, the pin aspires to rekindle and amplify hope in achieving the SDGs, approaching its midterm review in 2030.

 Designed by renowned designer and Diva Jewels Founder Rishi Mehta, Aasha Pin embodies 3 components:

  1. SDG Color Wheel - Aasha Pin portrays the colours of the SDGs, with each colour representing a specific sustainable development goal.
  2. Rays of Hope - From the SDG Color Wheel emerges “rays of hope” as a reminder that there will always be hope should we commit to becoming agents of change. With no specific fixture, the rays also represent the cross-cutting characteristics of the SDGs.
  3. Diamonds - The diamond embellishment represents the timelessness of the SDGs, a reminder that we should continue our sustainable development efforts to 2030 and beyond.

As the global leader in the diamond and jewellery industry since 1992, Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. provides a wide range of services, including diamond manufacturing, diamond exporting, diamond jewellery manufacturer, and diamond jewellery exporter. The company seeks to be a trusted entity for its patrons and strives to give back to the local communities through the Dholakia Foundation.

Dholakia Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Hari Krishna Exports, has been leading water and climate sustainability efforts and social development in India. To date, 125 lakes for water reservoirs have been made, and 25 million saplings have been planted in the state of Gujarat, India. Because of his noble work, founder and known philanthropist Savji Dholakia has received numerous awards, including national recognition Padma Shri, the  Fourth Highest Civilian Award from the Government of India.

100% of the Aasha Pin’s profit will directly support the Dholakia Foundation’s initiatives in water conservation, ecosystem restoration, and social development of local communities in India. Pre-order the Aasha Pin now by filling out this Pre-Order Form.

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