Tolkowsky in JV with CKS

Will bring in the aura of Antwerp to India
Tolkowsky in JV with CKS

Antwerp-based jewellery firm Tolkowsky will launch its line of diamond jewellery in India, through a partnership with jeweller C Krishniah Shetty & Sons (CKS) of Bangalore. The Tolkowsky products will be available exclusively at CKS diamond store in Bangalore.

India’s position as the third or fourth largest consumer of diamonds has attracted the jeweller to look at India. The joint venture CKC-Tolkowsky will encompass sharing expertise in design, production and marketing. CKS is also in an expansion mode, proposing to launch six outlets across the country by 2012, which will leverage Tolkowsky;’s Indian initiative. CKS will set up an exclusive ambiance within its stores, to highlight the Tolkowsky product deliverables, which will be priced Rs 35,000 upwards.

Tolkowsky is introducing six line of products, including Indian line of jewellery. The diamonds will be cut and polished between Thailand and the Botswana factories of Tolkowsky, and will add to the range of quality diamond jewellery available in the country today.

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