Malaika Arora Loves Heirloom Jewellery in Natural Diamonds

Episode 14 of NDC’s innovative brand campaign
Amrita Arora and Malaika Arora
Amrita Arora and Malaika Arora

Talking about heirloom pieces, in a recent episode of 'Moving in with Malaika', Bollywood’s true blue fashionista Malaika puts on a slick diamond bracelet to her uber-cool outfits as she decides to go on a trip with her sister Amrita to Goa. The siblings are seen having the time of their lives and discuss everything under the sun. Interestingly, Malaika’s diamond bracelet catches Amrita’s eyes and the younger sister reminisces of their mother’s classic diamond bracelet. This scene depicted well enough how heirloom diamonds jewellery can be added to your wardrobe or how it can be a perfect accessory while travelling.

The episode ends with a fun banter between Amrita and Malaika on who is their mothers favourite daughter and who should get their mother's precious natural diamond bracelet. Overall, it was a fun episode which shone a light on how diamonds can be the perfect go-to travel jewellery for your next girls trip you partake in!


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