Indian PM is the Chief Guest of Honour at Maruti Impex Foundation’s ‘Papa Ni Pari’

Sri Narendra Modi attended the weddings that were conducted as CSR priority activities of the diamond conglomerate Kiran Gems
The above image is the first page of the 8-page invitation card of Papa Ni Pari
The above image is the first page of the 8-page invitation card of Papa Ni Pari

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was present at the mass wedding ceremony called ‘Papa Ni Pari’ where 551 couples from all communities took their wedding vows in Bhavnagar, Gujarat on Sunday, November 6. Businessmen Suresh Lakhani and Dinesh Lakhani of Maruti Impex Foundation, the CSR wing of diamond conglomerate Kiran Gems launched ‘Papa Ni Pari’ especially for maidens who have lost their fathers and for those couples unable to afford the financial burden of marriage.

The grand Indian wedding is an extravagant affair with elaborate rituals; ceremonies are planned at certain settings with particular decorations, colours, dresses, music, dance, costumes and rites which depend upon the caste, religion and community that the bride and groom belong. India witnesses nearly ten million weddings in a year. Indian weddings are famous Bollywood plots and television series materials. The cost of a wedding surpasses what a common man can reach with difficulty and with rising prices many Indian households are unable to afford heavy costs of modern weddings. To be able to afford to get kids decently married is an Indian family’s dream come true. Weddings have translated to becoming a booming industry in India.     

This noble and one-of-a-kind initiative by Maruti Impex Foundation run by industrialists Dinesh Lakhani and Suresh Lakhani helps 551 families convert their dreams into reality. The Lakhani brothers offer the young brides an entire gamut of wedding goodies from makeup artist – to dress-up the brides, photographers – to click the right shots, caterer – to offer the best meals, wedding dresses to fulfill their needs, ritualistic decorations, prayers, goodwill, and most importantly, a father’s role. The Hindu ritual of ‘Kanyadan’ is performed with sincerity and dedication such that the brides’ faith in the supreme unconditional love of the heavenly father only deepens. Any wedding celebrations are incomplete without an impressive guest list. The Chief Guest of Honour at ‘Papa Ni Pari’ this year was none other than the Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi. Other dignitaries, influential personalities, well-known entrepreneurs, top diamond merchants, all came together to celebrate the holy matrimonial union of 551 beautiful couples.  

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