Leviev Diamonds Launches "The Queen's Collection" in honor of Queen Elizabeth II

In honor of the HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Leviev Diamonds’ has introduced “The Queen’s Collection” featuring 20-one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry of the highest quality
Heart Shaped Blue Diamond Ring
Heart Shaped Blue Diamond Ring

Jewelry and fashion were important to the monarch, who knew that making a statement was important. “If I wore beige, no one would know who I was,” Queen Elizabeth II famously said. Leviev’s capsule collection includes 18 dazzling diamond rings and one over the top necklace and bracelet would surely be approved by the late monarch, who understood the importance of fashion in her role as head of State.

 When creating “The Queen’s Collection” Leviev, one of the largest privately held diamond firms in the world, chose to include stunning signature stones and many Fancy colored diamonds in hues often worn by Her Royal Highness, including yellow, pink and baby blue.  Each of the rings features a stunning stone cut in favorite shapes, including emerald, oval, radiant, marquis and an exceptionally rare blue diamond heart.

 “Queen Elizabeth epitomized true royalty and class and her exquisite style and eye for detail shone through in her jewels,” said CEO Chagit Leviev about the launch of the tribute collection. 

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