WFDB announces ambassador for the WFDB Mark

The ambassador will promote the benefits of the Mark programme at an gatherng of WFDB Mark Bourses
WFDB announces ambassador for the WFDB Mark

Reports say that the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) has appointed Howard M. Pomerantz, as its roving ambassador for the WFDB Mark associate member programme. Pomerantz is the executive vice-president of the Gem Certification & Assurance Laboratory (GCAL)The programme is scheduled to be promoted at a tour of the 26 WFDB member bourses

Pomerantz will present the associate membership programme during the event. The programme narrates the benefits and advantages of being a WFDB bourse member. The Mark was launched in June 2006, and is displayed by all approved WFDB Mark Holders to symbolise to theie clients that the bourse stands by the WFDB Code of Ethics. Bourse members can display the WFDB Mark as long as they are in good standing.

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