GSI Completes Inspection of Inventory, for Marks Jewellers, for Undisclosed Lab Grown Diamonds

GSI’s sent a mobile team to Montgomeryville, PA to inspect each piece of diamond jewelry for undisclosed lab-grown diamonds
GSI Completes Inspection of Inventory, for Marks Jewellers, for Undisclosed Lab Grown Diamonds

Gemological Science International, one of the largest gemological organizations in the world, conducted a full review of Marks inventory for undisclosed lab grown diamonds.

 GSI sent a mobile team to Marks Jewelers’ 25,000 square foot state of the art store in Montgomeryville, PA to screen and test all diamond jewelry in their showcase and inventory. Going forward, Marks Jewelers has implemented an inventory control process to have all incoming jewelry screened and tested by GSI.

 “The GSI team was extremely professional and knowledgeable and we are pleased that they screened our entire inventory fast and efficiently,” said Jim Brusilovsky, President of Marks Jewelers. “The GSI team came in with their equipment, set up their testing area and went to work with minimal disruption to regular business” said Dareen Brusilovsky,” V.P. of Merchandise. “With the assurance of GSI, we know that all of our existing and incoming diamond inventory does not have any undisclosed lab grown diamonds.”

 “Marks Jewelers is a true leader in the industry. Jim has a strong sense of responsibility to his customers and has therefore pioneered the way for independent jewelers to screen and test their diamond jewelry inventories,” said Debbie Azar, President and Co-Founder of GSI. “We commend Jim and the Mark Jewelers team for best practices and encourage all retailers to put a process in place for the detection of undisclosed lab grown diamonds. I want to stress that the issue of undisclosed diamonds is still a problem within our industry. “

 GSI is a world leader in gemological services, with 13 gemological laboratories across four continents, combining state-of-the-art technology with the highest ethical standards. GSI recently opened a new 4,200-square-foot Laboratory in New York dedicated to the screening and detection of undisclosed diamonds to continue its groundbreaking work. 

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