GCAL's free online diamond exchange

Website to trde in GCAL certified diamonds only
GCAL's free online diamond exchange

Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL) has launched a free online diamond exchange - ‘Certified Diamond Exchange (CDE)’, specifically for trading and making GCAL certified diamonds available online. The exchange is for JBT-listed retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to buy, sell and trade GCAL certified diamonds. The sellers can give their diamond inventory to GCAL for certification and later market them through CDE. The seller only pays for the certificate and website trading is free.

CDE is incorporated with a critical protection layer since each diamond is backed by GCAL’s Zero Tolerance 4Cs Consumer Guarantee. CDE is backed by Collectors Universe; the parent company of GCAL and CDE. The exchange would be promoted through the media. CDE is limited to members of the trade only and will not be available to the consumer, and registration can be done on the CDE website http://www.cdediamonds.com.

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