IGI's Retail Support Program continues to empower retailers by redefining the art of jewelry merchandising

The session conducted for the team of Waman Hari Pethe at Mumbai focused on the importance of using the right methods to perfect a memorable retail experience.
IGI's Retail Support Program continues to empower retailers by redefining the art of jewelry merchandising

IGI School of Gemology, the educational wing of the International Gemological Institute, IGI India,  organized a retail support program  for the pan India retail associates of Waman Hari Pethe.  The  session held in Mumbai focused on the importance of having requisite product knowledge in order to supervise and complete a sale.

The session emphasized on understanding the intricacies of diamond grading as well as the guidelines   to analyze the customer's demand. This helps the brand develop genuine relationships and to provide a consistent retail experience. The session enlightened the team on the various aspects in a sale, the technique of handling a situation and more importantly, analyzing the customer, their needs and handling the various queries that they might have. The participants also learnt the art of reading an IGI Report.

 The retail support program is IGI's efforts towards helping retail brands enhance their expertise thereby increasing their brand image and sales quotient. IGI School of Gemology provides customized training seminars and conferences to an increasing number of jewelry retailers and manufacturers. These programs are jointly developed based on the individual needs of each company, keeping in mind the dynamics of the industry. With a unique range of coursework that covers every aspect from rough diamond grading to gemstones, modern treatments and computer assisted jewelry design, IGI continues to empower diamond zealots across the globe, maintaining its position as the world's trusted name in diamond certification and education.

For more details on IGI's workshops, seminar and support programs, visit us at www.igi.org or call 022 23671028.

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