Ministry postpones hallmarking

GJF releaved at the wiseness of the ministry
Ministry postpones hallmarking

The All India Gem and Jewellery Trade Association (GJF) released a statement saying that the Indian Ministry of Consumer Affairs has postponed the deadline of mandatory hallmarking form 1 January 2008 till further notice.

As reported by GJEPC, GJF chairman Ashok Minawala said that “We are happy to know that the government has realised that the implementation of hallmarking would be a difficult task, and it would not have been possible by January 1, 2008 as we had stipulated. They have taken a wise decision”.

The GJF although supported the concept of hallmarking, it was upset at the scheme being made compulsory. It argued that the compulsory licensing fee and the lack of infrastructure were hindrances for smaller scale jewellers across India.

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