Leo Schachter and EMA Diamonds come together

Leo Schachter and EMA Diamonds come together

Will join thieir Japanese businesses to cater to Israel and Japanese markets

Leo Schachter Diamonds and EMA Diamonds announced that they will merge their Japanese sales and marketing departments. The joint business will be run out of EMA's Israel office and headed by Gal Vered, the Leo Schachter Japanese team leader. The new venture will be able to offer the group's clients service both in Israel from their vast worldwide manufacturing, and locally in Japan through EMA's Tokyo and Osaka offices. In addition Kama-Schachter, the group's jewellery manufacturing arm, will be launching it's uniquely designed mounted products.

Both Leo Schachter and EMA Diamonds have a long history servicing Japan and their respective managements believe that the world's second largest diamond jewellry market needs the most focused attention possible to satisfy this demanding market.

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