World diamond federation brings WFDB mark to India

BDB, the affiliated member of federation, to introduce 'WFDB' mark this month
World diamond federation brings WFDB mark to India

Belgium-based World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) has introduced the “WFDB mark” in India for natural diamond to counter the threat posed by blood and synthetic diamond. Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB), affiliated member of the federation, has decided to introduce the WFDB mark this month.

There are three types of WFDB marks. The standard type can be obtained by all WFDB members who are judged to be of good standing with their bourse and have fulfilled all the various registration requirements. The second type of the mark can be displayed by companies which are owned by holders of the individualised WFDB mark. The third type is issued to associate members.

The bourse members are required to apply for acquiring an individual mark. The mark can be displayed on invoices and receipts, business cards, advertisements, promotional materials, trade show booths and display windows, as well as in company offices, an industry sources said.

The WDFB mark will be to diamonds as recognisable as the ‘Woolmark’ is to wool. The WFDB mark program is being promoted internationally throughout the jewellery trade.

Among the top diamond trading destinations, Belgium, Dubai, Israel and Singapore have already introduced this mark.“We have intimated our members to become a holder of the WFDB mark,” Mehul Shah, convener of BDB told FE.

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