Saffronart’s Online Auction of Fine Jewels and Silver to be highlighted with an Important Diamond Necklace

The auction will offer a collection of 84 lots of exquisite jewels and silver
Saffronart’s Online Auction of Fine Jewels and Silver to be highlighted with an Important Diamond Necklace

Having concluded a success at its sale, globally, of Modern and Contemporary Indian art this year, Saffronart’s upcoming sale will focus on exquisite jewels and silver. The Online Auction of Fine Jewels and Silver by this auction house is slated on 28 – 29 October 2015, and features a collection of 84 lots.

The highlight and lead lot of the sale is an Important Diamond Necklace which is estimated at Rs. 2,75,00,000 - 3,50,00,000 ($423,080 - 538,465). Its design echoes that of the famous Festoon Necklace worn by Queen Elizabeth II and is designed as three flexible rows of gently graduated rose-cut diamonds, joined by two similarly designed links of peacock motifs, set with modified pear-shaped diamonds, with a total diamond weight of 302.64 carats, mounted in white gold.

Ornaments set with natural pearls, jewels set with Mozambique and Burmese rubies, emeralds, spinels, tourmaline, and sapphires, and several pieces with important provenances dating back centuries, embodying crafting and enamelling techniques that have either been lost or are rare to come by will be on offer.

Another highlight of the sale is a Five Strand Natural Pearl Necklace weighing approximately 551.99 carats in total and crafted entirely of natural pearls, joined by a diamond-set clasp. It carries an estimate of Rs. 1,90,00,000 - 2,30,00,000 ($292,310 - 353,850).

An important period polki diamond and ruby enamelled kada features the now diminishing art of Benarasi meenakari. Estimated at Rs. 6,50,000 - 8,50,000 ($10,000 - 13,080), the kada showcases the famous Benarasi pink enamel, seen in subtle gradations of pink, of which very few known examples now survive.

One of the lots expected to attract a lot of interest is a stunning pair of Gemfields’ Mozambican Natural Ruby Earrings worn by Hollywood actress Mila Kunis at a Burberry event at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles earlier this April. The rubies are natural, untreated, and ethically mined from Montepuez, Mozambique. Estimated at Rs. 15,50,000 - 17,50,000 ($23,850 - 26,925), the earrings have been designed as a series of gently graduating cushion-shaped rubies, with a total ruby weight of 21.46 carats approximately. The rubies are flanked by full-cut diamonds on either side, with a total diamond weight of 5.36 carats, mounted in rose gold.

Jewels by renowned designer Jasmine Alexander’s ‘A Word to the Wise’ – An Emerald Ring will also be on offer. This one-of-a-kind ring was worn by British actor Lauren Maddox, and is estimated at Rs. 35,10,000 - 44,85,000 ($54,000 - 69,000). 20 percent of the proceeds from the lots designed by Jasmine Alexander would be directed towards on-the-ground anti-poaching projects in Zambia and Tanzania managed by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the proceeds will be donated via, a leading organisation that focuses on initiating and funding conservation, community development and environmental education programmes across Africa.

Minal Vazirani, co-founder, Saffronart said: “This collection offers viewers a window into Indian aesthetic and cultural traditions that were once the hallmark of royal patronage. Several pieces were once in the collections of prominent royal families of India where long standing techniques in fine art and jewellery-making were patronised by the same rulers. These designs, crafts and ornaments are carefully depicted in painstaking detail in Indian miniature painting, often highlighting a speciality, or gems from that region. As we look at Mughal miniatures, we can see the gulabi meenakari, or pink enamelling, technique that came from Varanasi; or the Pahari miniatures shown in the catalogue which feature natural pearls, emeralds or rubies. This sale also offers a collection of natural pearls, whose scarcity and lustrous beauty has made them among the most desirable gems in the world—for Indian royalty through the ages, as well as some of the most famous icons of western fashion.”

Amongst the range of silver pieces along with jewellery is - an important four-piece 'Swami' silver tea set which is estimated at Rs. 10,00,000 - 15,00,000 ($15,385 - 23,080) depicting scenes from the Ramayana, and cartouches showing Gods and temple gopurams; four silver pieces by Oomersi Mawji, and a silver tea set by Cartier.

This will be a 24-hour online auction and its catalogue is currently on view at the website of the auction house.

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