Mirari presents Chuda, Kalichadis, Bands collection

For upcoming wedding season Mirari has unveiled its contemporary designs with traditional values
Mirari Collection: Chuda, Kalichadis, Bands
Mirari Collection: Chuda, Kalichadis, Bands

The renowned Mirari jeweller, which understands Indian wedding tradition more than anyone else, has come up with a collection of Chuda, Kalichadis, and Bands this season. As is well known, Weddings are the most copiously celebrated event in India and are performed with utmost care paying attention to every custom and ritual. Mirari, known for its intricate jewellery designs for the Indian weddings, presents its collection of Chuda and Kalichadis, in contemporary designs keeping intact the traditional values. Mirari owing to its deep ingenious roots has glamorised the official start of a girl’s journey into being a wife and the most loving moments between the groom and sister in law.

One such custom includes Chuda ceremony, in which Chuda, a set of 21 white and red bangles, is given to a bride by her maternal uncle. Mirari, the brand known for its intricate and contemporary designs has unveiled its version of Chuda with precious stones and metals which can be cherished for life. The white bangle is made of diamonds, ruby is used for red bangles and emerald for green ones. Twelve red bangles interspersed with diamond bangles complete the Mirari version of the Indian Chuda. Single line studded bangles, with princess (square) cut stones, representing a floral silhouette give a stunning contemporary look to the traditional chuda. Beautifully crafted with the precious jewels, the pieces are unique and signify the status of a married woman and are a symbol of prosperity.

Then, Mirari has also unveiled its collection of Kalichadis, the rings that are given to bride’s sisters by the bridegroom. It is given when the bride’s sisters hide the groom’s shoes as a part of ritual and Kalichadis are given by the bridegroom in lieu of his shoes to them. These Kalichadis by Mirari are not the conventional rings; they are specially designed from the Galuchat, untanned leather with a granular surface. These Galuchat Kalichadis are crafted in 18K white gold with the galuchat leather in different colours like brown, red, green and purple.

Mirari has also unveiled spectacular bands for another important wedding ritual, Mooh Dikhai; literally where the bride is unveiled and introduced to the members of her new family. These bands can also be gifted by the groom to his lovely bride on the first night, as a token of his affection and enduring love. The collection of eternity bands are a myriad of circular forms set in ruby, diamonds and sapphires crafted in 18K white gold.

Want to make your upcoming wedding season memorable? Go for Mirari’s Chuda, Kalichadis and Bands.

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