Swarovski Genuine Gemstones & Created Stones Innovations 2015/2016

Each year, Swarovski launches a collection of new genuine gemstone and created stone cuts and colours to stimulate creativity and push boundaries in design.
Swarovski Zirconia Red Dark
Swarovski Zirconia Red Dark

Since its early days, innovation has been at the forefront of Swarovski. Each year, Swarovski launches a collection of new genuine gemstone and created stone cuts and colours to stimulate creativity and push boundaries in design. At IIJS 2015, Swarovski is delighted to unveil its latest product launches (EX006 II, III, VI, V, EX008 II, III, VI, V).

New Swarovski Zirconia Cuts

Continuing its dedication to advancing the range of zirconia products with stunning new varieties, Swarovski launches three new cuts for the 2015/16 season. The Swarovski Zirconia 120 Facets Heritage Cut was created in commemoration of the company founder Daniel Swarovski, and in celebration of the 120-years company anniversary that Swarovski celebrates in 2015. With a precisely cut facet for each year of the company’s successful history, the 120 Facets Heritage Cut stones are both technically, and optically, in a class of their own. As fresh as the name suggests, the new Swarovski Zirconia Puresse Cut is an exciting addition to the existing product range. The precisely formed rounded profile captures the light perfectly and adds a charming character to jewellery and accessories. Last, but not least, the aesthetically balanced, five-sided Swarovski Zirconia Pentagon Cut is unique. The distinctive shape excludes mirror effects and is ideal for designing star formations when skillfully set with prongs. Naturally, as a proof of premium Swarovski quality and origin, the new cuts carry the signature ‘SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA’ laser engraving. All cut innovations are available in white.

New Swarovski Zirconia Colours

Also new to the Swarovski Zirconia line of products are two additional colours. Swarovski Zirconia Fancy Light Blue delights with a subtle blue shade, while Swarovski Zirconia Red Dark with its intense hue of deep red reminds of the most precious gemstone colours. Both colours are created with the TCF™ (Thermal Color Fusion) process, a technology that enhances the surface of the stones with a microscopically thin colored coating. Patented in Austria and in the United States, TCF™ has the advantage of utilizing absolutely no irradiation in the coloring process and is thus safe for the consumer and the environment.

New Swarovski Components

Swarovski created the innovative program of components to offer new and simple ways of setting round genuine gemstones and created stones in a cost effective and time saving manner that requires no special expertise, even when using the most difficult or otherwise cost-prohibitive materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and leather, wood or plastic. New to the already impressive components range are two products that provide Swarovski customers with even further possibilities for design and product development. Marcasite Jewelchain unites Swarovski Marcasite stones with 925 Silver chains. The brilliant-cut stones are set in prongs without the use of adhesives – a premium setting technique for marcasite, which emphasizes the uniqueness of this genuine material. The resulting product enchants with shimmering metallic modernity and allows for diversity in the creation of jewellery, watches and eyewear. For the precise setting of Swarovski Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones also the new Presetting Bezel Thin-Walled provides an inspiring and functional solution. The pre-set stones can be clicked into place with ease without the need for soldering or adhesives. Specially developed for material strengths as low as only 0.65 mm, the bezel guarantees optimum results with even the thinnest base materials.

IIJS 2015, the world’s leading international jewellery fair is the perfect platform to promote these innovations right in the very heart of the industry. The novelties presented all reflect the very essence of the company’s passion for creative perfection.

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