19 Sep 2021
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Jewelry Arabia 2009
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Jewelry Arabia 2009 (Public)
Bahrain has historically been an important trading nation and a prosperous entrepot centre, strategically located in the middle of major trading routes in the Region. To maintain its status, Bahrain developed its services industry including banking and other financial institutions, tourism and other essential services, to make it the Financial Centre of the Middle East and the ideal Gateway to the area as a whole. The Region boasts of a sizeable population with a relatively high purchasing power. Bahrain International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) is one of the most modern facilities in the Region for hosting exhibitions, conferences and seminars. It is also very convenient for staging sport and entertainment events. It features state-of-the-art technology and a unique architectural style. With its well-developed physical and institutional infrastructures, including modern exhibition and conference facilities, regionally and internationally renowned hotels and restaurants and other amenities, cosmopolitan life style and friendly people, Bahrain has become the ideal place not only for holding exhibitions and conferences, but for tourists, too. It attracts well over two million visitors annually. The Role of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, besides its role in formulating the industrial policy of the Kingdom, is also responsible for formulating the domestic and foreign trade policies and programmes of the Country. Its main activities include the development of the trade sector, improving the commercial infrastructure and investment climate, promoting the export of Bahraini products and services overseas and creating commercial institutions clustered around information-based services. The Ministry also plays a vital and pioneering role in the development of e-Commerce and e-Governance in the country. The recently created Bahrain Investor’s Centre is a virtual one-stop shop that helps investors in expediting the start-up and incorporation of their new businesses in the Kingdom. The Ministry is committed to continuing the development and enhancement of the profile of Bahrain as the ideal place not only to hold exhibitions and conferences, but also as a place of choice to invest and engage in business. Bahrain Convention & Exhibition Authority (BCEA). Bahrain Convention & Exhibition Authority (BCEA) is a government agency operating under the umbrella of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. It is responsible for promoting Bahrain as a world-class convention, exhibition and meetings venue. It also operates the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), the largest venue for such activities in Bahrain. The Bureau helps organisers of international conventions, exhibitions and other events during business start-up and other related activities. It is a wellrecognised body, internationally. It is an active member of the Association of Exhibition Venues in London, the International Congress and Convention Association in Amsterdam, the Arab Union for International Exhibitions & Conferences in Cairo and the Union des Foires Internationales in Paris. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce and all other related Government agencies in the Kingdom of Bahrain are fully committed to providing you with all the necessary assistance and support to make your efforts to establish your business and other endeavours a success. We look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you in Bahrain.
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Arabian Exhibition Management WLL
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Tuesday,17 Nov 2009 To Saturday,21 Nov 2009
PO Box 20200 Manama, Bahrain
+ 973 17550033
+ 973 17 553288
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