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Teenage jewellery is an important and lucrative market niche. Today’s 12- to 19-year-old teens shop for fashion accessories more than any other age group...
By: Ashesh Pandia
Apr 25 2006 12:00AM
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Since times immemorial, diamonds have been associated with the world of glamour. In the Imperial Era, they adorned the treasure chests and the wardrobes of the blue bloods; and in the modern age, are an integral part of the lifestyles of who’s who. Through the centuries, there has been a sea change in the way this symbol of supreme virtue is worn and flaunted; however its core essence and inherent values have remained unchanged.

As in the past, a diamond or diamond jewellery is still a bastion, a prerogative of the neo-rich, however the profile of the owner has undergone a profound change. Yester years’ kings and queens have now been replaced by a repertoire of modern day celebrities and glitterati comprising mostly women who are Page 3 regulars.

Many of these are Television and Bollywood’s Movie actresses who are known to fire up the small and the silver screen with their sheer presence and electrifying personality. When these pretty ladies adorn the elegance of diamonds they not only add glitter to their glory but also ignite viewers’ imagination.

Diamond World spoke to some of the leading television Divas about their love for diamonds and diamond jewellery. Here’s what transpired, following a series of our questions to which the glitterati opened their hearts for once.

Rakshanda Khan, a leading television actress who shot to fame with ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’, and is currently playing host, as gracious as herself, of the game show ‘Jodi Kamal Ki’, believes that not everyone can carry a diamond easily. “You need to have that ‘X factor’ in you,” says Rakshanda. She relates very well with diamonds, “Because we both share the same elegance”.

Nausheen Ali Saradar, aka Kusum of the famous serial ‘Kussum’. Very down to earth and simple in nature, Nausheen wants her ‘man’ to gift her a single diamond ring. She loves diamond because of its simplicity and pure glitter, but looks forward to the day when she would have a Solitaire embellishing her beauty. She always wears diamond rings, preferring to wear diamond jewellery with a trendy and classic look rather than traditional.

For Swetta Keswani, ‘Avantika’ of ‘Kahani Ghar-Ghar Ki’ fame, and who is slated to make her debut in an English film titled ‘The Memsahib’, diamonds and diamond jewellery are an inherent part of her lifestyle. A diamond makes value addition to her personality and also her wardrobe. “To my personality because I am someone who believes in treating self first to the good things in life. And my wardrobe because it suits and adds a touch of class no matter what clothes I wear. A tasteful creation speaks volumes about a woman.”

Pooja Rawal, was seen in one of the most popular soaps on Sony ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’. She also won many hearts with her short but sterling role in ‘Siddhant’ as a rival –cum-lover of the main lead Siddhant – Pawan Shankar. She is an impulsive buyer and sees no wrong in buying diamonds or diamond jewellery on the spur of the moment. “If you have the knowledge, are buying regularly and have a trusted seller, then why not ?”, asks Pooja.

Read on for searching questions and revealing answers.

Diamond World : Do you consider a diamond a status symbol ?
Rakshanda Khan: It’s more than just a status symbol. Diamond is unique and it makes you look one. It highlights your distinctive elegance while emphasizing supreme, refined taste.
Nausheen: I love diamonds because of its simple glitter and purity…not just because it’s a status symbol.
Swetta: I like diamond not only because it is a status symbol…but also because the lovely gemstone suits me. And it’s a decent investment. I love wearing them. Not collecting them.
Pooja: I don’t wear diamonds because they are status symbol. I would say it’s the best kind of investment…and because I love wearing them.
Whites Carry the Cake !

DW: Which is your favourite color in diamonds and Why ?
RK: White…and nothing else. It’s most beautiful. White stands for purity and the color is also a reflection of my inner self.
Nausheen: I haven’t heard of colored diamonds. They are just transparent White. And they look heavenly…the reason I love them so much.
Swetta: I like the Super Deluxe variety. No colors. I love White. It’s my favourite color. So my diamonds too are plain and pure. They symbolizes peace and maturity.
Pooja: White…only White. It reflects my personality. It’s my all time favourite color for any given occasion.

DW : What do you prefer wearing – artifical or real diamonds ?
RK: Undoubtedly real. And I won’t compromise on that.
Nausheen: I prefer real diamonds. But for shooting or stage shows I simply can’t afford wearing huge diamond sets and not repeat them for another appearance. Swetta: Real. I can afford them. So why not real ?
Pooja: Of course real diamonds. But I won’t deny few designs and patterns in artificial diamond jewellery that I have are outstanding.

DW : What is the significance of a diamond ?
RK: Elegance. High-class elegance. Wearing a diamond sets you apart and underlines your exclusivity.
Nausheen: Hmmm… A single diamond signifies love and purity. And if you are wearing lots of them at one time…then it definitely signifies status. Swetta: I think it signifies status, love and lots more…like having good taste for good jewellery…one of those girly must haves. As important as decent dress in a wardrobe.
Pooja: Love all the way. It signifies your passion for jewellery. And only beautiful women love beautiful jewlleries.

DW : Are you passionate about diamonds ? If so, why ?
RK: Not in literal sense…but yes I surely love wearing them. And who wouldn’t love to wear a diamond ?
Nausheen: Yes. I am passionate about simple diamond jewellery. Because I myself a simple person at heart.
Swetta: I have phases…when sometimes I splurge and sometimes I am too busy and could not bother less. So I am passionate in a way when I am indulgent but when I am neck deep into work, diamonds are the last things on my mind.
Pooja: Yes of course. There is no denying that. Because as I said – only beautiful women love beautiful jewelleries.

DW : Which one you prefer wearing - branded or unbranded diamond jewellery ?
RK: Quality is what I insist on. I don’t settle for anything less than highest quality of diamonds.
Nausheen: I prefer quality diamonds. With a guaranteed quality certificate. I am not a gemmologist…and may not know the difference between a genuine and fake one.
Swetta: I am not averse to any. It all depends on the pattern… I have to fall in love with design. The label does not matter. Yes, the authenticity of the dealer also is important to me.
Pooja: Nothing specific. Branded diamonds or diamond jewellery are not always good. Anything goes if it is good.

DW : What do you look for in a diamond / diamond jewellery before buying ?
RK : Speaking over all, brilliance. More than cut, clarity, carat and color. If it were an earring than I would look for design. Not to mention the quality. Basically my jewellery needs to be different…has to be unique as far as possible.
Nausheen: Definitely cut, color, clarity, carat and above all, price. Swetta: Firstly the design and carat…then the cut and clarity.
Pooja: When you are buying an expensive thing as diamond, can you afford to ignore anything ? The design, the price, the cut, clarity, carat and color everything has to be taken into account.

DW : When do you usually buy diamonds / diamond jewellery ?
RK: Whenever I feel like. I don’t wait for any occasion.
Nausheen: No special day or occasion….so far. But I would love a beautiful heart shaped Solitaire for my wedding.
Swetta: Sometimes just like that. I feel I should buy a particular thing so I go and buy it like a pair of earrings or a ring… and at times for gifting…like for my mom on her birthday or anniversary.
Pooja: Whenever I like something I don’t think twice before buying it. It is a good investment. I also do buy for specific occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and many a time for gifting.

DW: Do you shop for diamonds all alone or take somebody with you?
RK: I prefer someone with me who is knowledgeable. Who would like to get cheated with something as precious as diamonds?
Nausheen: I would buy diamonds from a known jeweller…someone trustworthy.
Swetta: I don’t go alone; mostly I take my mom with me. She is a good influence. She controls me from over spending. She likes my taste. So I have to go along whether I want to buy or she wants to buy. At times I go alone as well.
Pooja: I can shop alone. But if I am buying something very expensive I prefer taking my mom-in-law with me. She has very good knowledge.

DW : Are you an impulsive buyer ?
RK: When you are buying something like diamond or diamond jewellery you cannot afford to be impulsive. I spend time scanning the market to get the right design and quality…and buy only from few trustworthy dealers.
Nausheen: Yes, I am an impulsive buyer. But not when it comes to buying something that expensive. Like I said I would only go to a reputed dealer…and get a quality certificate.
Swetta: I am not impulsive. I always go to my trusted dealers. I would not take a chance…. I trust the guys I buy from…. After all diamonds are all about trust.
Pooja: I am an impulsive buyer. I don’t believe in surveying or anything like that. I buy impulsively from people I trust. If you have the required knowledge, are buying regularly and trust the seller… I don’t think you can go wrong.

DW : Which is that particulars quality of diamond that you adore most ? Why ?
RK: The elegance and the radiance. People sit up and notice you. It says I am not the one you can take lightly. Wearing diamonds puts you in a different echelon of status all together.
Nausheen: I believe in love at first sight…even when I am shopping. So it’s a package.
Swetta: I adore the Super Deluxe diamonds. They are inherently beautiful… and affordable.
Pooja: The sparkle. Wherever you wear it is bound to turn heads.

DW : Where does a beauty of a diamond lie ? Cut, color, clarity, carat, design…?
RK: A diamond is beautiful from all angles. But I think the cut, clarity and the color definitely make a difference to the beauty of a diamond. In fact how a diamond is set in jewellery also goes a long way in determining the beauty of the jewellery.
Nausheen: All put together make diamond beautiful. You cannot attribute its beauty to any one aspect.
Swetta: For me design is the most important of all…then comes the cut and then carat…Nowadays even uncut diamonds are a rage. I don’t know why.
Pooja: Everything matters. Only when you put all these qualities together, you can have a beautiful diamond…beauty that stands out.

DW: Have you ever received a diamond as a gift ? In what form do you like it to be gifted ?
RK: On my last birthday I was gifted a diamond ring by my parents. It is a drop shaped ring which I wear 24 x 7. I have a lot of sentiments attached to it so I never put it down… and it has proved to be very lucky for me.
Nausheen: I was gifted diamond earrings by my elder sister…when I graduated. I don’t accept expensive gifts from outsiders…but I would love if ‘my man’ gifted me a single diamond ring.
Swetta: I have mostly bought my diamonds or diamond jewellery. I mostly receive gifts in gold. But if I have to receive diamond as a gift, I would prefer it in the form of a set. At least a minimum of earrings and a pendent on a chain….because if you care enough to buy someone diamonds…you can buy a set. It looks nice…and set has more utility value.
Pooja: I have been gifted a diamond many a time. But the most memorable one was from my husband on my first Valentine’s after we started dating each other. He gifted me a diamond pendent. And as far as the question of being gifted diamond goes, a diamond is welcome in any form for me !!

DW : Does a diamond or diamond jewellery enhance your personality, your beauty, your wardrobe’s glory ?
RK: Certainly my personality. In fact you need a certain kind of inherent elegance in you to carry off something as stunningly graceful as a diamond…. Not everyone can wear a diamond and look beautiful. You need to have that ‘X factor’ in you to carry a diamond or diamond jewellery.
Nausheen: Well, a diamond enhances a woman’s beauty as well as personality. It adds value and glamourises your appearance.
Swetta: It just shows that the woman loves herself enough to pamper herself with diamonds…and that she is confident on spending something she believes in. Pooja: Definitely not wardrobe’s beauty. It only enhances woman’s personality and beauty.

DW : How would you position a diamond vis-à-vis other gems and jewels ?
RK: Oh ! Is there a comparison ? I believe a diamond is as exclusive as the person who wears it. Or else why not every other woman is seen flaunting diamonds ?
Nausheen: Hmmm… A diamond is a symbol of love, beauty, graciousness. It is a status symbol. Diamond enjoys a niche of its own. While other gems are also beautiful, diamond has its own aura.
Swetta: Preciousness, insignia of love, and last but not the least - beauty. Other gems and jewels taken together cannot even come close to the glory of diamonds.
Pooja: There are lots of other precious gems and jewels. But nothing in comparison to diamonds. A diamond is the most beautiful, precious and a symbol of love beyond compare.

DW: What kind of diamond jewllery collection do you have in your wardrobe ?
RK: I have both trendy and traditional diamond jewellery in my wardrobe. Both have their own special look and beauty.
Nausheen: I prefer trendy and classic diamond jewllery.
Swetta: Mostly trendy…it compliments what I wear.
Pooja: Only trendy. For traditional jewellery, I prefer other gemstones mixed with gold.

DW: What role does a diamond / diamond jewellery play in your wardrobe ?
RK: Prominent. It also depends on the occasion.
Nausheen: May be…side role. It plays more of a complementary role than a complimentary.
Swetta: I wear two diamond rings and a watch every day…and sometimes a diamond bangle. Now you decide if that’s a main role or side one.
Pooja: Undoubtedly main role.

DW : Is diamond or diamond jewellery a fashion accessory for you ?
RK: Not at all. I think a diamond is too expensive to be just a fashion accessory. It is a style statement and makes value addition to your wardrobe.
Nausheen: It is of course a fashion accessory… it enhances my beauty as well as the beauty of my outfit.
Swetta: More than a fashion accessory, I consider a diamond or diamond jewellery to be a benchmark of style and status.
Pooja: Fashion accessory it is. But it also adds to the over all get up. You would look more attractive wearing a diamond than wearing any other fashion accessory.

DW : What other kind of jewellery do you have in your wardrobe ?
RK: I have all sorts of gems and jewellery collection in my wardrobe. Which one should I talk of ?
Nausheen: I have loads of artificial jewellery…and let me tell you my collection is beautiful ! They are very handy in photo sessions and stage shows.
Swetta: Mostly some gold bangles and sets… and lots of semi precious stones and imitation jewellery for my work. Can’t wear real ones on sets as there is always a chance of theft.
Pooja: Oh ! I have a crazy collection of artificial jewellery. There is also gold with other precious stones.

Peep into Bollywood next…
This is the first part of the two-part series on Celebrities and their association with Diamonds. In the next issue ‘Diamond World ‘will take you into Bollywood and speak to more Divas of fashion.

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