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Trendy Teen Jewellery Gaining Ground
Teenage jewellery is an important and lucrative market niche. Today’s 12- to 19-year-old teens shop for fashion accessories more than any other age group...
By: DW Reporter
Apr 25 2006 12:00AM
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Exquisitely done up counters at leading jewellery showrooms, glossy hoardings, snazzy print and television commercials, tie-ups with national and international brands all vying for attracting the teens to purchase their products. With the Valentine Day, college fests, getting all the media hype jewellers are rolling out the red carpet for youngsters to attract them with diamonds by launching exclusive teenage jewellery range. Innovative designing and trendy styling have brought in a new group of customers The Teenagers who go in for diamond rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants leaving aside junk jewellery. Diamond World takes you to a trip to Generation X teenager’s new style check.
Teenage jewellery is an important and lucrative market niche. Today’s 12- to 19-year-old teens shop for fashion accessories more than any other age group. According to a leading fashion market analyst, teens currently spend US$33 billion a year on fashion and beauty products, with over 90% of them shopping for clothes and accessories at least once a month. Today’s teens don’t sit idle waiting for the next trend to happen, they create trends as they are more susceptible to changing fashion. Jewellery plays a major part in the development of their identity and efforts to either blend in with the crowd or establish their own unique personality.

Tying up with Movies:
The celebrities that teenagers see in music videos, television programs or movie screens are largely responsible for dictating trends in teen jewellery fashion. With the popularization of fashion shows and teenagers participating in the beauty contests, exposure to media is already broadening their horizons. Items worn by stars: bracelets, earrings, pendants are copied by non-celebrity teenage counterparts. Leading diamond jewellery manufacturers are tying up with movies like D’damas with FIGHT CLUB, Acewith HOLIDAY to promote their trendy collection gaining all the media attention.

Jewellery is the number one accessory for youngsters. Favorable price and the versatility of different metals, shiny designs of neck and waist chains, cuffs, ID and ankle bracelets, stackable rings, neck wires and fashionable earrings make junk jewellery a rage with the students. Sterling jewellery styles run the gamut from classic and vintage to modern and contemporary. Today’s teens are sophisticated and trendy at the same time. Sterling silver jewellery offers the versatility that stylish teens are looking for today.

Exchanging Gifts:
The gifting season sees teens exchanging gifts. Many teenagers gift junk jewellery designed with inexpensive materials, beaded jewellery and woven friendship bracelets and rings. Personalized beaded bracelets with letters of the recipient’s name on them incorporated into the woven fibers, uniquely designed pendants, rings or charms that have spiritual or mystical overtones are an integral part of teenage wardrobe.

From Junk to Expensive Jewellery:
With more teenagers doing part time jobs and generous parents backing them with substantial amount of pocket money instead of the cheaper zirconium and base metals they are now opting for precious gems, diamonds and platinum jewellery. “Diamond jewellery is something you can cherish, although junk jewellery is good for a change, platinum and diamond jewellery sets you apart in the crowd. It doesn’t break or spoil easily and it stands out as a gift you have received from your loved one as a fond memory of togatherness,” says Rashi, an engineering student.

Hot Seasonal Sellers:
There are rings and earrings that are hot sellers this season. D’damas diamond jewellery starts from Rs.800 and goes up as high as you can afford. “White gold and small jewellery pieces are in demand this year. It’s more of rings and pendants. Since it’s the gifting season people come to buy small stuff which is cost effective”, says Neha who looks after the diamond jewellery counter at Centre One.

An average teenage shopper who wants to buy casual, trendy stuff definitely picks up something without much fuss since the investment quotient is low. The jewellery is trendy, easy to carry and doesn’t need maintaining. A heavy piece would involve investment and a lot of thought goes into buying it. You are getting something that is once in a life time or a part of the future family heirloom? What about changing in styles and designs that make you seem ages old if you wear those studded heavy sets that were in vogue some 10 years back !

One-of-a-kind Rage:
The unlimited selection of designs available, from demure and traditional to bold and dramatic, allows teens to build a vast and personalized jewellery wardrobe as varied as mood, style and budget. The beauty of One-of-a-kind teenage jewellery range is that it is designed with teenagers in mind and allows many options of style variations. Jewellery pieces that stir the senses and are an extension of their style and personality are in vogue. Timeless elegance and style is the foundation to create an expressive jewellery trend and style. Luster in jewellery is never lost. You can use your old jewellery to re-create a custom designed piece to specifically suit your style and add a modern twist to that dated style. One-of-a-kind custom made jewellery is all the rage now.


The popular and fantastically flattering Chandelier style is evolving into something even sexier especially for the youngsters — longer, skinnier and with more of a drop — “chande-linear,” which is both feminine and happening. Meticulously crafted pairs evoke the past — and sync up with the retro mood of this year’s fashion — by suspending clusters of luscious candy-colored gemstone, briolette droplets, offering intricate chain work or bead detailing. If modern is more your mood, choose designs in sleek ovals, circles and teardrops, rendered in gleaming platinum or gold, and the bolder the better. Conservative teenagers should go for very basic products like plain or studded hoops and one stone studding. Such jewellery should be simple and preferably in precious metal and diamonds so that it does not need to be changed very often.
Accessories this spring are intricate and eye-catching with the use of charms, pendants, and intricate design. Designers seem to be inspired by elements in nature, and are creating pieces that reflect an awareness of the nature butterflies, flowers etc. Chunky jewellery remains popular as well as the simple, classic chain necklace with a solitaire or cluster of gemstones on the pendant work equally well. Necklaces are meant to feature the neck this season. Diamond lockets which are small and trendy for daily wear are hot this season. The changing fashions are leaving marked changes in the preferences of the youngsters.


The chic gleam of bracelets is essential armament for youngsters. For energy and motion with a goodly dollop of innocent allure the charm bracelet can be found in numerous styles, from the traditional — small symbolic trinkets jingling from a link chain — to the sublimely decorative — hearts, crosses, and rounds of pearls or gold discs dazzling in beautiful array. Delicate anklets with a dangling charm or a small engraved plate are very acceptable jewellery accessories for teen girls. The use of many small charms means that many pieces will find special meaning to certain individual. These talismans serve as good luck charms, or reminders to stay centered. Bangles are another on-trend choice, and are best worn in generous bunches of alternating textures or sizes — smooth and hammered, thin and thick. Go ahead and gather an armful.
Rings: With changing trends and times the rings have taken to different shades and colors. Apart from personifying personality, it is a symbol of love. Gold rings have been in vogue, Vikram Singh, VP production; Gemplus believes rings are very popular with teens as they are associated with emotional values. Nothing can outdo the beauty of a classy diamond eternity band. They need not be very expensive but definitely add value to colored stones and also give a classic look. Internationally the design trends are distinguished, elegant and urbane with the look that is soft geometry, balanced asymmetry.

Masculine Teen Jewellery:
Metro sexual man has arrived even in the corridors of collages. Stainless steel jewellery is popular with guys along with sporty-looking accessories, necklaces and arm bands made from wood, steel or shell beads on a rubber or leather cord. Young men are wearing more of it now than ever before. In general, masculine teen jewellery has a rugged look, with materials such as leather, rubber, steel, wood and silver. Funky beaded bracelets have given place to steel, wood, leather, rubber which is trendy and fashionable .These stands apart rather than compete for place among the clutter. Men’s jewellery is becoming even more famous as we see many star celebrities wearing them. Savvy with jewellery, teens can wear an ear stud or an ear ringlet with a formal suit. Trendy rings set with colored gems are excellent accessories. In casual denim, one can look hip with a drag pendant in white and yellow gold set with diamonds, a diamond brooch, a double drag ring and a bracelet in white and yellow gold.

Indian Scenario
In India many jewellery houses have come up with a different range catering to the teenagers who have become trend setters, spending freely, and continually experimenting and refining their own “customized” looks with the latest jewellery and fashions. Let’s face it; today’s teens know what is hot and what is not in music, movies, fashion, technology and jewellery.

Vanshi Diamonds’ ‘Teenage’:

Vanshi diamonds has launched an exclusive range of diamond jewellery by the name of Teenage with over 50 designs in earrings, pendants targeted at the 13-19 age groups available in the price range of Rs.2,000 to Rs.10,000. This collection designed by their in-house creative team has an aura of exclusivity with its designs, color and dimension adding a shimmer of mystique to them. The designs range from little hearts, to Rashi gemstones, rotating pendants. The new trend that’s really visible this season is the spiritual pendants; the collection is based on the concept of astrology and designed according to the powers of the stars.
Dharmesh Vaghashia, MD of Vanshi Diamond Jewellery believes, “Teen jewellery is becoming more a fashion statement rather than a passing fad. Today’s youth knows the pulse of fashion and is loaded with dual income households and generous parents to back their expenses, they are also working in part time jobs ,so they can easily splurge money on diamond jewellery and accessories which have become more of fashion statement and status symbol for the youngsters amongst their peers . Teenage collection is currently available in 90 franchisee outlets in India apart from its exclusive showrooms in Kolkata and Delhi.” They offer 90 per cent on MRP, ‘Buy Back’ policy and a 95% exchange offer within 15 days of purchase. What more can one ask for ?
Tara Jewels Exports Pvt. Ltd., has come up with a beautiful collection for teenagers. Tara – Asli Heera Asli Daam, has jewellery in 18 kt gold studded with genuine diamonds with contemporary as well as classic designs starting from Rs. 1,000/- onwards! Aarti Sheth, Director, Tara Jewels Exports Pvt. Ltd. says,” We intend to offer low price and better styles which are affordable, trustworthy and trendy all at the same time. Teens like catchy stuff. They prefer it to be subtle and sexy rather than loud and gaudy. Our designs range from classic flower earrings to trendy butterflies, medallions, simple lines and curves put together to form abstract designs. Styles that have motifs such as butterflies, teddy bears, hearts are also in demand. As far as teens are concerned, I would definitely say trendy rings and pendants are most popular. For the more conservative teenager I would recommend designs such as our flower pendants and abstract designs that need not be weird or jarring but rather subtle and charming.”
Tara has a bestselling unique collection for boys EBOSS starting from Rs. 600 to about Rs. 2,000. It consists of necklaces and bracelets made of rubber and steel with a dash of diamonds. With a company like Tara offering such affordable price it’s hardly considered splurging. Their marketing strategy is the essence of their logo emphasizing ASLI HEERA ASLI DAAM. Since Tara jewellery comes directly from factory to the customer their margins are the lowest in the market .They have no overhead costs such as showrooms or expensive advertisements, celebrity endorsements which add to the cost of the final product.
D’damas stainless steel and diamond collection provides the solution to the needs of the Generation X that tends to be more open minded to unique and innovative ideas which are expressed in the form of minimal yet high quality accessories at much affordable prices. Designs in steel are much more chic and go very well with the dressing sense of the urban youth. Now days, trends and in vogue stuff holds major dominance. Styles worn by star celebrities have a huge impact. On one hand the youngsters might go to explore new materials and techniques. On the other they also like jewellery based on cultural themes too; however these need to be interpreted in very contemporary designs. D’Damas has a teenage range starting from Rs.800 upto Rs.5,000.

Vikram Singh, VP production, Gemplus acknowledges the fact that they are increasingly present in malls and outlets frequented by youngsters so as to be within the reach of desire; our campaigns are being designed to appeal to that age group too. This market segment has huge potential (this is a highly fashion conscious crowd). Precious jewellery is usually bought by the parents for their children to celebrate occasions like birthdays, graduation day to name a few. Increase on global trends and better disposable incomes are one of the reasons for such trends to resurface. The profit margins are usually low to appeal and to be affordable and attractive to the teens and their parents.

One-of-a-kind Rush:
The new jewellery trend for teens in 2006 is one-of-a-kind designer jewellery. This opposite jewellery trend is in reaction to the mass-produced jewellery market. One-of-a-kind jewellery is a luxury item that sets you apart from the crowd and expresses your individuality. Taking the luxury statement one step further trendy jewellery designs that are Bold in Gold with Sparkle of Diamonds are catching up the fancy of the teens.

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