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Dynamic BASELWORLD Logs New Records of Turnout & Trade
The World Watch and Jewellery Show, BASELWORLD-2006, concluded after eight extremely successful days. Exhibitors reported satisfaction with the record visitor numbers – 94,200 (up 5% on 2005) – and excellent sales figures...
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Apr 25 2006 12:00AM
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The World Watch and Jewellery Show, BASELWORLD-2006, concluded after eight extremely successful days. Exhibitors reported satisfaction with the record visitor numbers – 94,200 (up 5% on 2005) – and excellent sales figures. The wide range of innovative and trendsetting products unveiled at the event served to underline BASELWORLD’s position as the world’s premier Show in the watch and jewellery sectors.

Over the eight days from March 30 to April 6, 2006, watch and jewellery manufacturers and suppliers from 45 nations presented their exclusive new products and top of the range collections in Basel, at the 34th annual BASELWORLD Show.

First Avenue a new Milestone:
One of the highlights of this year’s World Watch and Jewellery Show, and a milestone in the development of Baselworld, was the new “First Avenue” in the Hall of Visions. For the first time ever in the jewellery sector, due to infrastructure innovation, multistorey stands were constructed, providing an incomparable platform for world-renowned luxury brands.

((Record Turnout; Delighted Exhibitors:
Visitor attendance can only be described as overwhelming: 94, 200 visitors from over 100 countries, thereby representing a new record for BASELWORLD and an increase of +5% over the previous year. Exhibitors described the visitors as excellent and were delighted with the levels of business conducted and sales figures attained.

Satisfaction Voiced by Visitors too:
A representative survey of the Show visitors also revealed a high level of satisfaction. 97% of those quizzed judged the World Watch and Jewellery Show to be good, very good or excellent, with 96% describing BASELWORLD as a “must“.

Increased Media Interest
The enormous media interest was reflected in the number of accredited journalists who attended the event – 2,529 from over 70 countries - representing an increase of 7.2 % over the previous year. “Reports written in specialist publications are very important to us. We were extremely pleased with the number of media contacts and the quality of our discussions with journalists”, commented Thierry Oriez, Deputy General Director of Baccarat.

After the Show had closed, Jacques J. Duchêne, President of the Exhibitors’ Committee commented “We are very happy and can genuinely report that this has been an excellent BASELWORLD. Participates were pleased with last year’s event but, thanks to the higher number of visitors, economic prospects for this year have proved even better. As exhibitors, BASELWORLD each year becomes increasingly important to us”.

François Thiébaud, President of the Swiss Exhibitors at BASELWORLD also stated: “The 2006 event has gone exceedingly well for us. We have received some outstanding feedback from the industry. BASELWORLD is an indispensable event for us, not only for commercial reasons but also from the information exchange aspect”. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard, underlined this point: “BASELWORLD is a very successful Show with an impressive worldwide presence. This prestigious event is an essential date in the calendar”.

The importance of BASELWORLD is strongly highlighted by the amount of business transacted at the show. “BASELWORLD plays a particularly important part in the development of our business” emphasized Nicolas Beau, International Director of Channel.

The unique opportunities for networking and information exchange afforded by the Show were also very much in evidence during the event. Sadry Keiser, Marketing Manager of TAG Heuer, assessed the show as follows: “This Show is not only crucial for sales but also for the presentation of our brand: BASELWORLD is a major shop window for us”. The same was true for Christophe Chaix, Sales Director of Hermès who stated “This is THE place to meet our customers. Sales figures were very positive indeed”.

Ready for the Future:
“Whilst we are now in a consolidation phase, we will continue to showcase the worldwide developments of an immensely vibrant market for watches and jewellery” stated Sylvie Ritter, Show Director of BASELWORLD. She underlined the management team’s commitment to continuing to develop the global importance of BASELWORLD

BASELWORLD 2007 will be held from April 12 to 19, 2007 in the Basel Exhibition Centre.

BaselWorld- Through Indian Eyes... Noted Indian diamantaires, colored gemsmen and jewellers from Indian Gaddis dotted at various precious trading centres around the world also reach BaselWorld for brusing up B2B global contacts. Besides the Indians trading from homeland, these important NRIs also size up the Basel Show for its facilities, international turnout of exhibitors, buyers, designers and other catalytic initiatives. Having spoken to these NRIs, ‘Diamond World’ presents a cross-section of their candid views about BaselWorld, plus some other foreigners’ observations having relevance to India.

Haridas Kotawala (Royal India, New York)
“Basel world – A unique fair for everything”
“The show has been very good this year. Our conversion rate of buyers to the people who visited our booth is more than 50%. Mostly we did good business in color stones. Emeralds, aquamarines good diamond jewellery, fancy shape diamonds bigger sizes, fashionable different kind jewellery was also in demand. People require good quality products these days. The buyer does not mind paying extra for better quality goods. BaselWorld is the most expensive show of the world, but the people who visit this show are also the most important buyers of the world; so this cost has its value.”

Chetan Jogani (Jogdiam, Antwerp)
“Basel World needs a better location now”

Jogdiam deals in small sizes to 40cts. They are at Basel for the second time but not too happy with the response. “Second year at Basel did not turn out so, well. Last year we had better business,” says Chetan Jogani. The major reason was their location this year, which was bad and not easily visible to buyers. “This year the main demand was for 10ct up better color goods. Mainly we had buyers from Korea, Europe and Far-East. Also the light brown colors and treated colored goods were in demand. Prices in small sizes are weak, but vvs goods were stable. Big sizes no problem,” observed Jogani as he talked about business at the show.

Rajeev (Dimexon Diamonds Ltd.)
“BaselWorld – gave us good confidence to begin the new year”
Basel in the beginning of the year helps Dimexon plan for the coming months. This year has given good business confidence. They are also targeting the local Indian market and increasing distribution network for loose diamonds.

They normally do not sell at the show. Their major objective is client relationship and liasioning. They ask clients about the trends etc. that helps them to decide future plans. The positive reaction of the client is important to them.

“In general the 3ct up diamonds were in demand. Small size goods were not so active. Polished prices were stable at the show. Prices are an outcome of demand and supply so, the coming months will tell the real impact of the show. Right now the rough market is also sluggish. I think there would be a slowdown for next two months. The demand for the first quarter of the year was already slow,” says Rajeev predicting the market trends in the months ahead.

Girdharbhai H.Gajera – (Komal Gems NV., Antwerp)
“The show was similar to the previous year with less crowds”.
BaselWorld is getting very expensive and as the European market is not improving so the Show isn’t exactly affordable for business. The big markets as Russia, India, China, Brazil are opening now. These countries have lots of liquid money that will flow into diamonds and jewellery. Jewellery will and has a bright future in these countries, while at the moment American market is slow; so, these countries should be targeted.

All these countries consume good quality of diamonds that is why good quality products are in demand. It is only America where the price-focused jewellery is sold.

Shailesh Sangani (MD, Gili India Ltd.)
“Baselworld is very expensive; but I am participating next year too.”
Gili has been in the domestic markets for the past 12 years and is growing. The main difference the company has is design and the quality of products.

The Indian Pavilion was reduced to around half the size, because people don’t realize that the shows in Europe are different from those in USA. It is very important for our exhibitors to do their homework well before coming to this Show. They could send letters to their clients to fix up prior appointments.

Everything which is related with fashion is moving this year. Gold in two tones is moving well. Last year it was more of white gold, this time it is more of two tones with colored stones. The euro is very strong and also the prices of gold are high, both these factors are adversely affecting the market.

Piyush Gandhi, (President, Dianish nv)
“Use of lot of color stones is coming up in fashion.”
Dianish showcased a new Diamond studded mobile phone this year – which attracted a crowds to their booth. Basel this year being a seller of con-conventional goods has benefited Dianish nv. Piyush Gandhi, President of Dianish nv said that BaselWorld was going very good for them this year. “This is a second year for us at Basel and our products are being received well. We are creating the collection as European brand,” he explained. They have presented a new look to their booth with bigger space and brand new color schemes, which they plan to continue in the coming shows.

“We are at present selling jewellery to the big retail stores, wholesalers etc. in the European market. But we are planning to come up with our own brand in jewellery by next year, which would be globally promoted as our brand name,” says Gandhi.

“As far as demand is concerned, there are lots of goods in the pipeline; small size goods are going slow. Princess and marquise are doing well this year. Use of a lot of color stones is coming up in fashion. Big single color stones with diamonds all around are moving well. This gives you a cost effective piece and a different colorful look to jewellery,” he explains as he talks about trends and markets.

Dianish nv has its unique designs, made by good French designers. The high level of productivity and quality of their jewellery is of better standard, which makes all the difference. They are already established in the US market and doing good business.

Tony Mehta (Diasqua International Limited, Hong Kong)
“Expensive Basel World’s high cost not practical for business.”
Diasqua International Limited has been in the show business for the past twenty years participating in exhibitions, but as far as business is concerned the cost is not practical at all. They offered a lot of fancy diamonds; color diamonds and different jewellery articles that nobody else had in the Show and this was their main strength.

“This year the show is OK, nothing very exciting. The demand is more for unusual things by the European buyers. Now I believe India is the biggest buyer for the 3ct up stones and this is observed at all the shows may it be Hong Kong or Basel. Buyers want something different so; we sold much of titanium with diamonds,” says Mehta. As far as the organizers are concerned they should re-think about their stall charges which have been increased 3-4 times. This is not practical. “They should reduce the charges then only this show will do well in the coming years; it is getting very expensive for both the exhibitors and the visitors,” added Mehta.

Candice Nunn (M.D, Tanzanite One)
Tanzanite promoting Fruitful
Tanzanite One is a major miner and supplier of rough tanzanite to the market claiming around 40% market share. Candice Nunn, M.D of Tanzanite One talked about Basel, the trends and her mission to promote the demand of tanzanite in Europe. “Tucson is the major show for color stones and it went very well for tanzanite. Rough prices are strong at the moment and I think that the future of tanzanite is bright,” she claimed.

Tanzanite is a stone much loved by the Americans. The tanzanite market in America is best in the world. But now Tanzanite One is trying to develop other markets such as Europe, India, and China.

“I have been around this Show and met lot of jewellery designers who have made a beautiful display of their jewellery here and are using tanzanite also. Three of our Sightholders are also participating here at the show to promote tanzanite in the European market. Lot of British jewellers are asking about tanzanite and one of our Sightholder STS is starting a TV program in U.K to sell tanzanite jewellery. This will create a big awareness and demand in these markets,” says Nunn.

Eden Rachminov, Rachminov diamonds, DTC Sightholder
“Basel world – A luxury; India a good market”
Rachminov Diamonds are manufactures of high-end quality goods from 1 pointer to 20 carats in Israel and Russia. Their major target market is Europe and U.S.A. They are DTC Sightholders and also source lot of rough from open markets and tenders from Africa and Russia. They have been participating since last 3 years at Basel and according to them it’s the best Show so far. “The overall prices are stable now, so buyers are placing orders and buying goods. The show was excellent for us. This year at Basel heart shapes, ovals and rounds were doing well. For the future I think India is an important market for us,” says Eden Rachminov.
Meir Dalumi, M.D, Dalumi Diamonds, Israel
“Basel a trend setting Show of the year – not for actual sales”
The Israel Diamond Institute had a new marketing strategy in place. The Israelis were all set to promote their brand Israel and were satisfied with the market development in 2005. The Israel industry exported 26 million raw diamonds in 2005 and polished stones amounted to 5 million carats.

“Basel is a trend setting show of the year – not for actual sales,” says Meir Dalumi, M.D. Dalumi Diamond. “This is our forth year at Basel show, major focus being on jewellery for the European market. We have two collections two offer – designer and generic collection. Being a DTC Sightholder we also have diamonds to offer here, manufactured in Israel and China. We mainly do 5 pointers to 5 carets.”

The Israel industry finds the market a bit slow where sales are concerned. “The show this year seems to be little slow, no particular reason for it just the market demand is little slow. However the bigger sizes have good demand,” he adds.

Talking on future markets and emerging diamond industries Dalumi comments that, “Due to the new government rules pertaining to duties on import of diamond I think India and China are the future destinations to lead the trade.” They sell to Indian retailers but mainly through the wholesalers who buy from them in Israel. This year Dalumi Diamonds plans to participate in a show at India and hopes to make some direct contacts through this event.

Alissa Goren (Manager PR & Trade Events, Israel Diamond Industry)

“A Turning point of the Year2006”
The launch of IDI brand at BaselWorld show has brought the Israel industry in the limelight. Alissa Goren, PR & Trade Manager of IDI says, “Visitors have a great interest to know more about it. Around twenty Israel companies are participating with us at the show and are mainly in hall 3. Some of them are showcasing in different locations through their Belgium offices.” The Israel exhibitors seem to be very happy and met a lot of new clients this year at the Show. “IDI brand is targeting U.S.A., Hong Kong and Far East markets like Japan and Europe as additional markets. They are also looking at developing markets such as India and China.

“This year the business started slowly and people were not so optimistic about the results but the great response of buyers from different parts of the world at BaselWorld show would definitely change the scenario of 2006. The coming months would be good for the industry.,” predicts Goren.

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