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Indian Jewellers Well-Prepared to Put Best Foot Forward...
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Feb 25 2006 12:00AM
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Each spring when BASELWORLD, the leading global trade show for watches and jewellery opens its doors, the cultural city of Basel transforms itself into an international metropolis. The world's attention becomes focussed on the Swiss city situated on the bend in the Rhine River. The next rendezvous for the luxury goods industry will be BASELWORLD from March 30 to April 6, 2006.

The attention of more than 85,000 visitors from the specialist retail, wholesale trades and department stores from across the globe and more than 2,300 journalists will be given to the entire collections of the world's famous watch and jewellery manufacturers. Approximately 2,200 exhibitors representing watches, jewellery, gemstones including diamonds and related sectors will be presenting their latest creations to a trade audience in both single and multi-storey stands. The selection of products on show at BASELWORLD is unique, and in fact, many manufacturers use the Show as their exclusive exhibition venue.

The clear segmentation of the six exhibition halls between watch brands, jewellery brands, related goods brands and national pavilions ensures an optimal overview of products and makes a visit to the Show far more rewarding. BASELWORLD offers the ideal platform for discovering innovations, seeing the latest trends, forging contacts and concluding business deals.

BASELWORLD 2006 is set for success. Current registration numbers as well as the results of the exhibitor survey at BASELWORLD 2005 indicate that the Watch and Jewellery Show will once again consolidate its position as the foremost event for these industries.

This position will be further strengthened by the newly upgraded Hall of Visions "First Avenue" which will provide an even more luxurious platform for the world's leading jewellery brands. The renewed part of the Hall of Visions has been designed to add an important new dimension to BASELWORLD 2006. Due to changes made to the infrastructure, multi-storey stands can now be erected in "First Avenue" for the first time. As a result, the Hall of Visions will provide the world's leading jewellery companies with an opulent new platform with a unique interior design.

In response to requests from exhibitors for a total revamp of the Hall, the Show management has created this exclusive environment for the launch of new jewellery collections, in order to reflect the premium status of the exhibiting brands.

The Show management is particularly pleased with the number of registrations received for BASELWORLD 2006. Show Director Sylvie Ritter confirms that all the eminent watch brands will be present in Basel once again, commenting, "This continued interest of exhibitors demonstrates how important BASELWORLD is in providing a vital benchmark for the luxury goods industry."

A high level of demand has also been received from exhibitors in the jewellery sectors. Sylvie Ritter states: "This demonstrates that our ongoing commitment to ensuring that the Show encapsulates every level and aspect of the world's jewellery industry in Basel, have proved successful. Furthermore, BASELWORLD is gaining increasing importance for our exhibitors, due largely to the high quality of visitors that the event attracts every year."

For the watch and jewellery sector, the new year kicks off in Spring, because trends are discovered at BASELWORLD, the Show with the greatest impact on the precious industry.

BASELWORLD is gaining increasing importance for all exhibitors, largely due to the high quality of visitors that the event attracts every year.

Last year the Basel show offered some great eye treats with riots of color and new trends that dazzled the industry the whole year. Multicolor mixes were the rule, especially in the rainbow colors of sapphire. Whether the colors involved were vivid jewel tones or more subtle pastels, the styles were unabashedly colorful. There was a lot of texture design trend with jewels links creafted to represent a particular design that looked like textile prints. The multicolor madness extended to pearls, where wholesalers especially gave more attention to color combinations. A new color, bright bronze - produced through enhancement - expanded the multicolor palette, providing a nice complement to either golden pearls or blue-gray Tahitians.

Green was the color the fair sported most. Jewellers were pulling out every green gem they could get their hands on. The trend led to some creative use of carved emerald, and there were a lot of huge, gemmy peridots in everything from rings to necklaces. Some embraced jade, using it as a springboard for Art deco-inspired oriental designs. Pink still had its fans, though. This year the trend was very pale, opaque pinks, which were either used on their own or combined with other pastels.

Though high-end jewellery was the general favourite, expectation is that buyers appeared to be looking for something unique - especially something fun - but inexpensive. The trend was towards impulse buying for pieces with playful charms.

The Indian Pavilion this year will showcase at BaselWorld some of the very best in the industry by top names in the diamond world like Gold Star, Vishal Diamonds, Ornamentation, Shantivijay Exports, Tara Jewels Exports, Patdiam, etc. India is growing by leaps and bounds and is certainly gearing up to show to the International markets that its not behind in the race. The world is watching and India is all set to shine and sparkle at Basel.

Gold Star a company that started with a single workshop has rapidly progressed internationally to become a DTC Sightholder and a pride for the Indian industry.

Through shows and exhibitions they have made their presence felt. This year at Basel they are offering the international markets the best from their bouquets.

Watch out for the very best in diamonds with Gold Star. Visitors will get a view of the new concepts and their B2B brands. Gold Star is offering geometric designs i.e circles which they believe are going to make a deep impact at the fair and have vibrant hues to attarct the buyers.

Gold Star believes that BaselWorld Show is the best channel to flaunt their range of products. "The focus for the year is to further consolidate our position in the international market, which would take us a notch higher. Gold Star today boasts of five prominent brands viz. Elinor, Petal Plus, Fire Drops, Futura and Noir Fantasia along with 19-patented cuts. These would be prominently displayed in our windows," says Ashish Shah. Their focus for the show is to capture new markets as well as to broaden their current customer base. Their mission for the shows has always been to look for newer clients for whom they can become the supplier of choice from India and take their current business turnover from 100 million to 200 million in a span of next 8 years.

This year Gold Star has a variety of designs in bodywear on display like earrings, pendants, rings, ensembles, bracelets, neckpieces, necklaces, bangles, stainless steel, rubber, palladium, platinum to name a few. The products are designed taking into consideration the taste and market that their customer's end-users come from.

The jewellery seems affordable too. Since they are catering to a wide range of customers who are either wholesalers or retailers, the products are priced between US$ 8 to US$20,000.

Colors always brighten up jewellery and the trend is moving towards colored gold. Gold Star has developed blue gold since colored gold like pink, red and green has caught up. Where colorstones are considered Gold Star's bouquets have emerald, ruby, sapphire along with agate, tanzanite, black diamonds, champagne diamonds, blue topaz, garnets, peridots, citrine, aquamarines in precious and semi-precious segments.
You can catch Gold Star keeping up to market demands for something new and colorful with stones which provide ample opportunity to play with, in terms of designs and price demands. Semi-precious stones such as tourmalines in rose cut, citrines, turquoise, aquamarines could well become a viable alternative to the soaring diamond prices and market could also hold on to this trend longer than an average trend cycle.

Ornamentations (I) Ltd; is a copmpany committed to building trust and offering superior customer service. They believe in offering clients a great selection of diamond-studded gold and platinum jewellery of high technical and aesthetic value. Its parent company Rasiklal Hiralal & Company has been a distinguished and respected firm in the Indian diamond trade for over 55 years.
At Ornamentations (I) Ltd., you can look out for an exclusive range of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that meets the needs of a diverse customer base. From traditional to modern designs, they tailor their products to the unique preferences of their customers and create designs to reflect the individuality of different markets.

Ornamentations is focused on showcasing high-end jewellery designs at affordable prices. They have a veried price range and believe in customer satisfaction."Every customer is exclusive no matter how small or big the account is. When dealing with Ornamentations customers can expect our commitment towards quality, consistency and on time delivery every time," says Hitesh Vyas. Their collection for Basel is carved out of gold, platinum and studded silver using color gold shades like Rose/Pink gold. Ornamentations uses very little colour stones but depends on diamonds to dazzel the consumers. Sparkle is what matters afterall.

At a major show like Basel, Ornamentations can see what new is available.Most important for them is the customers' feedback on what is happening around and on products that have been newly developed. They are at Basel this year for PR and to increase their customer base. Their motto is not to increase sales but to get noticed. "Major shows like Basel and Vegas offer as platforms to further strengthen relations with customers. Expecting a major breakthrough with new customers at every show is not possible,''he adds.

Vishal Group is a family enterprise, run and managed by three generations of the Gandhi family. They come with an experience of 40 years in the gems and jewellery trade and are at Basel for the second concecutive year to offer the best of their products and designs.

They are offering value conscious light weight designs to their customers. The designs are contemporary and based on tried and tested saleable concepts. The prices are kept under $2000 which go easy on consumer pockets. Vishal has style and fun combined to give a contemporary look to jewellery.

Vishal's relationship with its customers is in the nature of a partnership wherein the customer choises products and they do the development and manufacturing. Hence exclusivity is available in terms of custom made designs , access to their diamond inventory and customer specific quality control. With their state-of-the-art Rapid Prototyping Machine they can prepare elaborate and intricate models based on customer concepts. These models can in turn be produced at customer specified qualities and within specified parameters and price points.

"We are a four decade old diamond manufacturing and exporting group with vertical expansion into jewellery. As a result of our expertise in diamonds, strength in calibrating and matching diamonds our concentration is more on affordable diamond studded jewellery,'' says Chetan Gandhi of Vishal Diamonds.

Basel for them is an important indicator of the trends as it brings them in personal contact with their customers who bring up a lot of issues regarding the direction that their business is taking. A collective analysis of this helps them visualize a trend. Also, the exhibits of their peers in the industry give them an indication of what are the key concepts and products being marketed on a global scale.

Vishal sees the trend shifting towards moveable part jewellery, white gold and clean geometric designs. They concentrate on customer preferences and likes in consideration which makes their jewelley trendy and suitable for all classes.

Shankar Jewels Limited is part of Revashankar Group of Companies, whose credentials dates back to the 1950's. The success of this group is reflected in its firm belief in loyality to customers, consistency in supplies and quality, and maintaining long-term relationship. In-house production of diamonds gives Shankar Jewels a cutting edge over others in terms of price and quality.

Shankar Jewels Limited, manufacturer and exporter of diamond studded gold jewellery have a state-of-the-art jewellery manufacturing unit at SEEPZ (an export zone in Mumbai, India) and have capacity to manufacture 10,000 pieces of jewellery every month. Over 250 skilled personnel man the unit to efficiently cope with business received from large wholesalers and catalog houses of Europe and U.S.A. Timely execution of orders is their professional commitment.

They have been exhibiting at Basel for the last five years. This is their sixth year at Basel Indian Pavilion. For them BaselWorld 2005 was a success story and they want to repeat the same this year too. Year after year Basel has helped them get noticed, increase their customer base and form new business relations with clients.

The show changes as years go by and the changes Shankar Jewels perceive are critical. "Basel is gaining popularity as being a PR show. Now since the attraction is more towards watches, the jewellery people are somewhat upset," says Neeraj Soni, International Business Manager of Shankar Jewels. Rising booth prices, lowering of standards and low sales are few reasons many manufacturers have stayed out this year.

Shankar has however got into the spirit of Basel Fair and is displaying its special Euro choice collection which encompasion a lot of current and trendy styles. Their jewellery captivates everyone from lower mid segment to the upper mid segment.

"We offer value to our customers for the jewellery they buy," adds Soni. Though colored Gold is gaining popularity it does not move on in Volume. In such a situation Shankar chooses to stick only to pink gold, yellow gold and white gold for the season since their customers and designs are very selective.

Shankar has also adopted the color trend. They have used colorstones in their collection. According to Shankar the most sought after stones this season would be pink sapphire or pink treated stones along with blue sapphire, ruby and emerald. The trend is towards circles, florals and linear designs this season and that is exactly what Shankar Jewels are offering at the Show. The Yellow metal is back this year for India and trendy designs in pure gold is a challenge Shankar has decided to accept just for its customers at Basel.

Inter Jewels is an ISO 9002 certified company Sights of DTC (Diamond Trading Company, London) & Rio Tinto Diamonds (Argyle Diamonds, Australia, and Diavik Mines, (Canada) which result in a clear competitive advantage in loose diamonds. The group shoulders the responsibility of providing employment to more than 12,000 people in cutting, polishing and manufacturing of diamonds in India.
Manufacturing with a clear competitive advantage of being able to procure diamonds from the main rough suppliers, InterJewels provides its customers with an array of diamond variations and qualities to suit every requirement.

Designing with jewellery designers from Mumbai and overseas and a state-of the-art CAD-CAM manufacturing done in Mumbai, the company uses effective measures to hit the customers' targeted price point, thereby focusing on two aspects:

  • Product Innovation.
  • Process Efficiencies.
They have a vast gallery of designs to exhibit. Their main focus is on latest trends from mid-end to high-end jewellery, "Trends that are picking up very fast and excepted widely. This includes pressure and invisibly set pieces using rounds and princess cut diamonds," says Ankit Mehta, CEO of Interjewels. Interjewels offers its customers jewellery in the latest fashion and customers' choice.
Interjewel is in its third year at Basel and it believes that Basel is a great experience. With regards to sales they have done fairly good at Basel and it has not only helped them but they believe it helps the country to get noticed on international platform.

Interjewel is offering jewellery both in gold and platinum. They have used colored gold in their creations which have previously given them positive feed-back from their customers. They have collections of colorful precious stones.

Basel gives Intergold a brief on the trends emerging in the market in terms of the gold colors, new diamond colors in fashion e.g. champagne or yellow, fancy cut stones and precious and semi-precious stones. "We feel that yellow gold will make some inroads into the market this season. Also we feel that there will be more colors in terms of diamonds, be it natural or treated that will emerge this year," adds Ankit. Intergold has merged all these elements into their creations to give the customer the latest in the fashion arena.

Tara Jewels does not exhibit at any other fair or shows. It depends solely on Basel for a platform to meet new customers and increase sales. After captivating audiances with their creations at Basel this year, Tara has some great jewelley to mesmerize the clients. They have designed jewellery differently using gold and a little portion of silver and platinum too with yellow, white and rose gold.
Since color is in main focus this year, Tara has used colorstones in their collection. It is largely an innovative and exprimentive collection but its sure to make you take a second look. The diamond and colorstone studded gold jewellery is available in the range of US$ 50 to US$ 1,000 which is an added attraction since it is easy on the pockets.

"A new season has just begun and we are yet to find out the popluar color,'' says Rajiv Sheth. Basel is where Tara observes trends. There are displays by various countries and trend setting jewellery companies. The kind of jewellery that is actually picked up is seen at the Show. Tara picks up its clues to give its customer the mix of trendy, stylish and quality jewellery. They work on these clues and bring out creations that are hard to resist.

Jewellery and watches created for the high-end market are always in great demand, but the more commercial pieces are also sought after at Basel. White gold jewellery with diamonds is always treasured, but the jewellery in yellow, pink or multicolored gold attracts attention, as long as it has innovative shapes and is embellished with colored stones and diamonds. Watches with diamonds on the watchcase and face and a lot of color, especially pastel shades is what the market is talking about for Basel. The color factor is sure to rock the show but detachable, multiple use jewellery in aesthetic geometric shapes will set the trend at Basel. Let's wait and watch.

Patdiam Group is a renowned diamond and jewellery company. From rough diamonds to polished diamonds and fine jewellery, Patdiam's passion for excellence sparkles in everything they do. The century old company is a name to reckon with in the international diamond and jewellery trade. From its modest beginning the company has taken long strides and today is amongst the leading jewellery manufacturers and a reputed brand in the diamond industry.
Patdiam represents some of the largest diamond traders in procuring and marketing their goods. Equipped with the latest machinery and most advanced designing facilities, Patdiam is a reliable source to many brand owners globally. Its factory is rated among the best in India and its systems are of international standards. On-time delivery, impeccable quality standards, innovative designing and fine craftsmanship distinguish Patdiam.
Patdiam has gone regularly to Basel and though they exhibit at many other shows BaselWorld remains a step above the rest. They believe that after a specific show they get noticed in the industry and business flows in too. It's a good experience and the fair has a lot to teach in terms of trends and colors.

Patdiam is a name you can trust without any hesitation for sourcing your requirements. They specialize in fancy cuts from rounds to baguettes to tapers to queens. They specialize in invisible settings. At Basel they have combined their best with precious stones to add color to the already colorful season. Stones like sapphires and rubies which add bright colors to designs are sought after most this season and so Patdiam is focusing on blue, yellow and pink to dazzle the season.

Geometric designs are highlighted in their display with combination of gold in white, yellow and pink color.

Patdiam looks at Basel as a platform to seek designing concepts and pick up new trends. Participants and visitors from all around the world add up to their customer base and give them an opportunity to interact with the cream in the international industry. The trend is moving back towards yellow gold and Patdiam has done a lot of designs in yellow for the Show.
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