Jack-of-all-trades (Shreyas K. Doshi)

A simple man, a planner, a family man, a traveler—these are just some of the facets of the man behind one of the biggest diamond organizations, Shrenuj & Company. Shreyas K Doshi, apart from being the managing director he is an avid golfer, music lover, art connoisseur and most importantly a very doting grandfather. Preeti Srivastav caught up with the ever-busy Shreyas Doshi and unearthed a practical, intellectual and a spiritual man.
Jack-of-all-trades (Shreyas K. Doshi)

Ask him about his dream and pat comes the reply, “I want to live long and work hard.” This is Shreyas K Doshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Shrenuj& Company, one of the most dynamic businessmen, who has contributed significantly in transforming the Indian diamond industry. Though he may sound like a workaholic, to him family is of utmost priority and comes much before work.

Doshi joined the business at a tender age of 19 and with his far-sightedness took the business to greater height and widened its horizon to include manufacturing and retailing along with trading. However, there is much more to him than what meets the eye—Doshi is an avid traveller, a golfer, a fitness enthusiast, a philanthropist, an art connoisseur, an obedient son, a supportive father and now a doting grandpa. When quizzed how he manages the multiple roles, he says, “Good planning is key to so many good things. I plan my day, week, month and year. This not only helps me to keep track of things but also keeps life simple by helping me prioritize my roles and act accordingly.” A third generation industrialist in the gem and jewellery industry, Shreyas Doshi joined the business in the year 1969. And since then he has been relentlessly working towards taking the business to greater height along with doing his bit for the society as well.

Talking about his youth days and the career plans then, he says, “I was always passionate about business. Working with gems and diamonds gave me immense satisfaction and happiness. I want to stress on the fact that it was because of the passion and not only habit or environ that I eventually joined my family business. As a youth I was sure what I wanted to do but I also had lot of ideas and plans on my mind that I wanted to implement, which I eventually did.” A student of Modern School and of Elphinston College in Mumbai, Shreyas Doshi is active as a leader in the industry. He travels overseas extensively and has kept close liaison with other reputed organisations in the world in the field of gem and Jewellery trade. At the age of 31 years, he was the youngest chairman of Gem &Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India. He is an active proponent of high standards of corporate governance in industry. He is renowned for his expertise on matters ranging from luxury marketing to cost management.

His grandfather Kalidas Sankalchand Doshi started as broker and later his father, Kirtilal Doshi took to trading and it was Shreyas Doshi, who included manufacturing and retailing in the realm of his business. Now, his son Vishal Doshi has also joined the business and has brought a whole gamut of revolutionary strategies and ideas to the table.

Doshi takes life as an institute where one can learn and re-learn throughout. “I firmly believe that no one can teach you anything. You learn things by yourself. I have not received any formal education in business or gem and jewellery, but I have learnt it all by experience. Of course my grandfather and my father guided me. But it was my job to learn,” says the self-made man.

He also says that mistakes are not something to be afraid of. “Mistakes are our friends, who help us learn things. I have made many mistakes in life, even now errors happen, but those errors are to be rectified and not to be brooded upon. So far, a couple of important things that life has taught me is that having no ego solves a lot of problem and family is the most important part of our lives,” says he. Talking about his personal life, the mogul says that the latest addition to his family, his grandson who keeps him much busy these days. He says, “Like any other grandparent, I am also extremely fond of my grandson Aman. No matter how busy I am, I always make sure that I find time to play with Aman. And a proper planning of the day helps me achieve this.”

Stressing on the importance of time management, he says that a lot can be achieved by managing the time wisely. “To me family has always been of utmost importance and I ensure that I give them their share of my time. To many, family is their weakness; to me my family is my strength. So, I cannot miss out on my family and work,” says the doting grandpa.

It’s not only family and business that keeps the smart veteran busy; he also makes sure that he devotes some time to the society and himself. He understands that everything depends on good health and therefore the health conscious businessman starts his day with yoga and exercise, visiting the temple and he also takes it to the golf course every alternate day. “I love playing golf and I am regular at the golf course. Also I am much fond of art and music,” says the connoisseur. Even at the age of 62, Doshi prefers to keep himself occupied. “I don’t like sitting idle. I am fine with phones ringing, work, business, sports, art anything. But I have to be busy to feel alive.”

Doshi is an ferventtaveller and never shies away from combining work with pleasure. “I love beaches and thankfully my profession takes me around the world every now and then. Maldives and France are my favourite holiday destinations. In India, I prefer Kashmir or Shimla,” says Doshi, who plans two holidays every year—one with his family and one with his friends.

Talking about his take on business then and now, he says that when he started, his family was into trading and functioned in a traditional way. “We had that Gadi system and transaction happened on much personal level. Now-a-days it’s much more professional and sorted. Now people don’t have time and they want more value for their money. Hence there is a sense of healthy competition in the market. Businesses are also making efforts to provide better products and services to their clients. However, it doesn’t mean that only clients are benefitting from it. This kind of competition is blessing in disguise for the business, as they get opportunity to improve.”

Despite coming from past generation, Doshi prefers the new style of working more. “Today it’s easier to work because of professionalism. This helps us plan the expansion of business in better way. We don’t have to waste time in unnecessary things; rather we can concentrate more on giving better services to our clients. Now, time and money are valued more.”

About the younger generation, Doshi opines that they are very capable and are only to be guided whenever needed. “I don’t impose anything on my children. My son was always keen on business and now he looks after it. My daughter, who is now married, was more inclined towards academics. The young generation is bright and full of energy a little channelization can be done if required, else they are better than many of us,” says the visionary.

He also has a spiritual side to his personality, which he feels comes from his upbringing. When asked about his dream project, he says, “Apart from working hard and do some more good work, I would want to set up a top management institute near Mumbai, where we can combine education with spirituality and produce leaders with better leadership quality. Indian spiritual education when combined with modern education can do wonders in the times to come. In fact, it’s the need of the hour,” he signs off.

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