Niru Group - Fair and Square

Straying from the ordinary, moving into unique and fascinating art forms; giving diamond jewelry a whole new dimension. That's what Niru is all about. Explore its journey of excellence legacy with Meghna Dugar.
Niru Group - Fair and Square

To an industry insider, Niru Group is synonymous to quality work, excellent craftmanship and creativity. Niru’s establishment dates back to 1979, when founder Ranjeet Barmecha conceived a small yet dynamic organisation owned and operated by the Barmecha family. From its roots in Israel, the company has become a major global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of premium diamonds of different shapes and cuts, especially Baguette and princess cut. The company’s pride lies in its expertise in providing top class service in precision cutting and setting of diamonds.

“Ours is a dedicated creative team regularly updating designs to meet market needs. Skilled craftsmen, high standards of workmanship and quality raw materials all adds to our reputation. Moreover, all this is strengthened by good technical support. This ensures that the final product brings customer satisfaction and quality at competitive prices. Because of our virtues, we have not only acquired a global clientele but a name that stands for quality, integrity, trust and goodwill”, said Ranjeet Barmecha Chairman, Niru Group.

The company has grown from its roots in Tel Aviv to a global marketplace with sales and manufacturing facilities located around the world including, Geneva, New York, Hong-Kong, Bangkok, Sri-Lanka and Dubai. It’s structure has been set up specifically to create synergies between the various entities and to create an organisation that effectively utilises all the output from its polishing facilities, capturing the highest possible return for each range of goods. Niru is one of only three new companies worldwide which joined the list of sight holders in 2012.

Niru’s strength is generated through its vertically integrated operation that runs seamlessly from sourcing rough diamonds to marketing polished diamonds. The company has earned one of the strongest footholds in the world of diamonds, through its emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, combined with reputation for integrity and reliability in consistently delivering products exceeding customer’s expectations.

“We work with our customers as a partner in progress where there is a close collaboration at the product development stage. This helps us maximise product yield, and minimize wastage of precious metals and diamonds in the precision cutting and setting process. In addition, this system provides the customer with much more control over the final product and increases satisfaction from the final results,” he adds.

The infrastructure at the company allows it to work with an extensive range of qualities of rough in crystals and fancies. It manufactures with intricate planning, assorts to precision the polish to hundreds of different assortments, providing customers with a reliable source for P&B diamonds. Broad spectrum of focused inventory offers retailers a solution to sourcing and planning their programmes. In addition, Jewellery manufacturers can rely on their steady supply of material. Putting it in his words, Barmecha says, “We ignite the passion in crafting our jewellery and create impressions that last beyond time”.

Through the long lasting supply arrangements with major rough producers, they are able to procure rough on regular basis and manufacture top quality polished through its state-of-the-art factories in Sri Lanka, India, Israel and Switzerland. Their vast and precise inventory enables customers to order precisely what they need and to receive excellent cuts every time.

“We have also developed the successful Indian brand Amore Jewellery that brings only square edge diamonds and hence its tag line reads– “We live in a Square World.” Amore Jewels Pvt. Ltd. has a close association with the Barmecha Group, which has existed in Europe, Asia, UAE, USA, and Israel since 1987. This group is one of the biggest manufacturers and traders of Princess cut diamonds in Asia with its apex companies being Niru Diamonds Ltd. and Impex Diamonds,” he shares. Using their state-of-the-art jewellery factory in India, they use the latest technology, modern manufacturing techniques, in-house designers and the highest quality control procedures to create an attractive brand for consumers. The group, under the leadership of Ranjeet Barmecha, has been manufacturing and exporting diamonds internationally for a long time. With Amore Jewels Pvt. Ltd.'s new creation, this group now makes a foray into the world of jewellery designing as well.

Niru Group is a reputable DTC sightholder and a global leader in manufacturing diamonds. “We seek to be vendor of choice to the leading watch brands and the world’s leading jewellers and retailers. Planning for programmes from rough, we determine in the early stages of the manufacturing the final home for the diamond. With customers as part of the planning process, the result is a perfect synergy between all aspects of our business. Our approach is to look inside and to invest all our resources in building out position on our niche,” says Barmecha. Niru is a recognised market leader for Princess and Baguette cut products. Since they concentrate the majority of their efforts into a narrow niche area of the said cuts of diamonds and thus is able to provide its customers a complete integrated solution with exceptional product and services. Investing aggressively in technologies Niru stays ahead of the competition. They refer to the factory as a laboratory to ensure they retain the spirit of innovation.

Niru, as part of a De Beers Sightholder’s Group, is committed to maintaining and promoting responsible and ethical behavior in relation to human rights, financial, social and environmental practices. It has always sought to act in a transparent and accountable manner and to promote this standard throughout the industry. They have always acted in a way which strengthens consumer and stakeholder confidence in their company and in the diamond jewelry market.

“Not always we see the results as we plan but in Niru’s culture we are excited on taking the journey. We enjoy taking new journeys and always learning along the way”, said Barmecha.

NIru’s dynamic and innovative drive for sustainable growth is bound to lead to many exciting new business endeavors in the coming future. Niru will continue to lead in the global diamond industry, through continued application of emerging technologies, long-lasting relationships with valued customers, and developing uniquely innovative and exciting products.

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