Stephen Webster King of Dark Bling

Jeweller to stars and celebrities, Stephen Webster is an internationally renowned designer who has created a new paradigm for jewellery - raw, edgy, darkly beautiful.
Jewels Verne Lobster Chain Bracelet
Jewels Verne Lobster Chain Bracelet

There is jewellery…… and then there is jewellery. Stephen Webster creations, without a doubt, belong to the latter category. It is jewellery with attitude. Using gothic motifs, it has dark overtones and a jagged edge, even to a collection like Rapture, an ode to love. But is also has the most amazingly intricate detailing; a breathtaking use of vibrantly colourful gemstones of an unusual range and variety, so that the jewellery literally hits you in the gut.


Stephen Webster, eponymous founder and creative director of the London based brand and company, Stephen Webster Ltd., is like the gemstones he works with – multifaceted. He is deeply interested in contemporary music, fashion, art, all of which feed his creative spirit.

In 1998, Webster returned to London, after various stints in Canada and the US to establish what is today well known as Stephen Webster Ltd., which currently has 120 points of sale worldwide. The Stephen Webster flagship store opened on Mount Street in Mayfair, London in the summer of 2009, followed shortly after by the brand’s first European store in Marbella, Spain. In 2010 are slated launches of boutiques in Talinn, Estonia and Vienna, Austria.

Webster’s unusual and bold style and use of exotic and off beat gemstones quickly attracted for him a following of fashion conscious connoisseurs. Little wonder that he has a growing clientele of stars and celebrities from across the globe including the likes of Madonna, Sharon Stone, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Elton John, , Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke, Nicholas Cage. His long time friend, musical artist Christina Aguilera also now appears in the Stephen Webster ad campaign.


The Jewels Verne Fine Jewellery Collection, is inspired by the Jules Verne fantasy novel, “20,000 Leagues under the Sea”. Combining the meticulous details of the Victorian Machines with the fantastic creatures inhabiting the deep ocean described in the novel, the collection is a dazzling display of the most imaginative kind.

“Over the last few years we have noticed that the more creative and fanciful the pieces in our collections, the more our customers enjoy owning and wearing them” comments Webster.

The collection uses distinctive combinations - jet black onyx and rose gold; the darkest blackened gold and lapis lazuli; purple amethysts, black mother of pearl and black opal with stunning black and silver diamonds.

The Jewels Verne Silver Collection follows the successful trail of the fine jewellery collection of the same name. Lobster earrings, octopus toggle bracelets, shark jaw clasps and engraved fish tails combine pearls, rose gold rivets and blackened silver to create this stunning and intricate collection.

The London Calling Collection is Webster’s tribute to his home base, and a cllection of silver jewellery for men. “Inspired by the unique make up of my home city of London, I drew upon subjects as diverse as the actual fabric of the buildings; Victorian iron work, masonry, brickwork and gargoyles,” explains Webster. He also drew from the fictional and mythical characters of the city, like The Artful Dodger, Sweeney Todd, Fagin, and Jack the Ripper.

As wide and diverse as the elements of inspiration are the details to be found on the jewellery, including gargoyle inspired rings and griffin spine bracelets set with red agate, hematite, lapis and spiderman jasper and combined with blackened and polished silver, gold and leather.

The In Deep Fine Jewellery Collection is basically an extension of the Jewels Verne Fine Jewellery Collection launched in 2009 and continues to explore the depths of the ocean and come up with a colourful representation of the aqatic world.

Sweeping diamond tentacles and delicate white gold chains combine to create the magical jellyfish jewellery suite; while pave diamond prawns wrap seductively around the wearers finger and hermit crabs emerge from blue sapphire and black diamond encrusted shells perched on fantastically bold cocktail rings.

The Rapture Collection inspired by the sorrowful fairytale penned by Oscar Wilde, ‘The Nightingale and The Rose’, reflects the gothic feel of the original and echoes the melancholy of the nightingale. In the story, the nightingale pierces her heart on a thorn bush, so that its blood will turn a white rose red. This, she does for a student who cannot find a red rose which will help him woo his love.

Stylised nightingale designs in polished yellow gold and rhodium-plated sterling silver combine with white diamond and ruby pave thorns. The collection includes multi chain pendants, thorn link bracelets and necklaces; rings, cuffs, earrings and knuckledusters with highlights of raspberry quartz and white mother of pearl.

The Superstud Collection is Webster’s 2010 offering on the sterling silver front, inspired by glam punk bikers studwork.

Chunky, bold, and striking, the Superstud Collection uses an exotic range of gemstones like coloured jade, chalcedony, and goldstones. The collection also includes a monochromatic range with hematite and white and black mother-of-pearl, as well as sugalite and rubelite stones.

The Astro Ball Pendants is a collection produced annually in collaboration with Swarovski. The 2010 set represents the ultimate interpretation of the zodiac, through dazzling gemstones like yellow topaz, blue sapphire, jet black and violet set in yellow gold plated and blackened silver.

Gazing into his crystal ball Webster says “I predict a roaring success for the Astro Ball Pendants. I’ve been gazing into them for some time now and the future is looking profitable for all”.

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