Sartoro for Superb Designs.

Sartoro is the signature brand of Artinian.
Sartoro for Superb  Designs.

Sartoro is a high-end jewellery brand with a very strong sense of design and originality, operating as a luxury fashion brand. It is a 'Lifestyle', for women who dare to make their own fashion statement. The gemstones quality topped by the color compositions are the signature features that distinguishes Sartoro from the others.

Sartoro is the signature brand of Artinian. For over 50 years, Artinian has believed, strived and managed to maintain up most quality standards on design and manufacturing. Hence, the craftsmanship of every Sartoro creation, is the labour of years of foresight, experience and focused specialization.

The Sartoro designer is Saro Artinian from Armenian origins Saro the designer and his brother Arto Artinian (the Managing Director) launched Sartoro in 2003 during BaselWorld.

Now they have boutiques in Egypt, Germany, Dubai, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Greece and distributors in Spain, Tokyo and India.

All the jewellery is manufactured by Artinian Co. Ltd., the parent company of the brand Sartoro. Artinian is more than 50 years old family business.

The first collection 'Pyramids' was launched at the BaselWorld Show in 203, followed by the 'Bonbons' collection in 2004 and the 'Allure' collection in 2005. Sartoro gained global recognition and success with the launch of the 'Colors of Life' collection at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair in 2006. This jewellery line is inspired by life's natural elements such as fire, earth and water. As a trend setter Sartoro once again reacted fast by launching the 'Feng-Shui' collection in 2007, in accordance to the new lifestyle movement.Today, Sartoro is a dynamic and growing brand, its collections are on display in many prestigious boutiques throughout the world, with regional offices in Bangkok, Vicenza and Dubai.

Sartoro now launches two new collections :

Love, Actually…

2008, new themes, new designs, new inspirations… Sartoro's long awaited new collections are here! The result: two unique, sexy, colorful and modern collections.

“To love someone deeply gives you strength”, said the designer behind Sartoro… so here comes in the 'Heart Breaker' collection. Inspired by love, desire, and modern city life, 'Heart Breaker' is designed for independent woman, with a daring sense of fashion and strong personality. The collection has a young and earthy feel to it and comes in rose and white gold, mixed with playful Sapphires & Garnets colors and finished with glamorous white, champagne and black diamonds. 'Love you', 'Hate You', 'Forget me not', 'I'm so good'… a few among the statements to choose from.

Valvet Secret with Multiple Gems :

On a more contemporary note, Sartoro presents the fabulous and avant garde collection: 'Velvet Secret'. Very innovative, with amazing design work, shapes and angles, this collection is one of the kind. Inspired by Haute Couture fabrics, vintage costumes and ribbons, because velvet is ever so chic and because behind every creation there's the artist secret, it is 'Velvet Secret'. For women who like mystery, modern art and unique jewellery, the collection comes in white, yellow or rose gold, topped by colorful sapphires and garnets and once again finished with sparkling white, champagne and black diamonds.

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