Chic, Custom Diamonds Drench the Red Carpet at the Oscars!

Unprecedented Diamond Sophistication Rules During the Most Dazzling Event in Oscar History

Hollywood, February 27, 2005 - It was all about custom designs, major statement jewellery and the lucky Diamond Right Hand Ring. Oscar winner Hilary Swank nabbed her second Best Actress Academy Award this evening while wearing a Diamond Right Hand Ring. She joins a growing number of actresses who win when wearing a Diamond Right Hand Ring, including Oscar winners Charlize Theron, Renee Zellweger and Jennifer Connelly.

Hilary's winning streak began back in January when she wore a Diamond Right Hand Ring for the Golden Globes and again at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in February.

Stars such as Kate Winslet and Halle Berry started their Oscar looks by collaborating with jewelers to design one-of-s-kind diamond jewellery. Kate worked extensively with favorite Hollywood jeweller Neil Lane to create a diamond look from head to toe, designing diamond S-clips for her hair, two diamond clips to adorn the straps of her dress, and a pair of dramatic diamond drop earrings. Halle and Lorraine Schwartz crafted brown diamond briolette drop earrings just for the gorgeous actress.

The Diamond theme also proved true on Hollywood's leading men, with Don Cheadle, Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, and Samuel L. Jackson choosing sophisticated diamond accessories to accent their Oscar ensembles. There were no fashion "don't's" with diamond stud buttons (as seen on Oscar winner Morgan Freeman), diamond lapel jewellery, and diamond cufflinks.

Trends included statement earrings, large or small, proving that these wasn't only one way to work the carpet in diamonds. Whether modern, vintage linear or chandelier these styles were all a part of the growing trend in showcasing bold earrings. Also sighted at the Awards were the empowering Diamond Right Hand Ring, Hair Jewellery worn in the form of tiaras, headbands or brooches, Bracelets worn en masse and large, powerful Necklaces.

Young Hollywood Flirts with Diamonds:
  • Fun, flirtatious looks are worked by Hollywood's next generation of glamour gals
  • Diamond Princesses wearing tiaras and hair jewels
  • Statement-making diamond earrings and necklaces


Natalie Portman - Fred Leighton 19th century headband valued at $75,000, 3.9-carat cushion-cut Diamond Right Hand Ring.

Scarlett Johansson - Fred Leighton 19th century 3-star diamond tiara valued at $55,000.

Kristen Dunst - All by Fred Leighton: Rose-cut diamond pendant earrings with diamond briolettes valued at $23,000, rose-cut diamond and rock crystal cuff bracelet worth $250,000.

Maggie Gyllenhaal - All by Neil Lane: Diamond Right Hand Riviera Ring with square-cut diamond and 100-carat, round-cut diamond necklace.

Corinne Foxx (daughter of Jamie Foxx) - Diamond headband.

Hollywood's Diamond A-List:

  • Red carpet elite adorn themselves in diamond trends.
  • Independent girls just want to have Diamond Right Hand Rings.
  • Statement earrings


Hilary Swank- All by Chopard: 5.16-carat emerald-cut Diamond Right Hand Ring flanked by Diamond baguettes, and 2.13- and 2.16-carat cushion-cut diamond earrings set in platinum on a French Wire.

Gwyneth Paltrow - All by Damiani: one-of-a-kind, custom-made diamond hoop earrings

Kate Winslet - All by Neil Lane: Diamond and platinum earrings with 5-carat diamond drops, which were custom-made for her and finished the night before the Oscars, two matching diamond cuff bracelets with 40 carats each, two 5-carat diamond clips on her dress, and custom-made S-clips for her hair created last week.

Renee Zellweger - All by Cartier: emerald-cut diamond and platinum ring, diamond line necklace with emerald- and oval-cut diamonds, emerald-cut diamond and platinum bracelet.

Charlize Theron - All by Bulgari: two vintage 1939 Art Deco diamond bracelets set in platinum, round- and baguette-cut diamond chandelier earrings.

Drew Barrymore - Black and white diamond carousel earrings totaling 40 carats by Neil Lane, brilliant-cut diamond link bracelet by Harry Winston.

Halle Berry - Custom-made brown diamond briolette earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.

Julia Roberts - Her own Cathy Waterman three-stone diamond drop earrings.

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