Signity GemVisions Hails 2007 as Year of New Artistic Expressions

Four major themes are identified in GemVisions Research, now published in its fourth edition, as influencing design directions for the next few seasons...
Signity GemVisions Hails 2007 as Year of New Artistic Expressions

Design directions for 2007 will see a continuation in trends emerging in 2005/2006, but with new artistic expressions evolving, hails GemVisions 2007, the pioneering trends forecasting service by Signity, leader in precision-cut genuine and created gemstones. With the combined talents of the world’s leading brands of Swarovski and Golay, Signity is using this revolutionary initiative to present new gem products in the context of today’s dynamic style trends.

Luxury – Ultimate Desire :
“We’re entering an era of de-seasonal cycles,” says Dr. Birgit Rieder, GemVisions project director, and marketing services manager genuine and created stones for D. Swarovski & Co. “Forecasted trends explore new takes on existing concepts. Consumers sample design directions in search of what works for them, forgoing the urge to follow every new trend. They’re looking for the right product, not the hype product. Individualism/personalization is key—coupled with exceptional concepts and unique positioning. Luxury remains the ultimate desire.”

Major Themes :
Four major themes are identified in GemVisions Research, now published in its fourth edition, as influencing design directions for the next few seasons. Themes are artfully illustrated in a beautiful hardcover trends book highlighting Signity’s new fashion image:

Blantik reflects 18th century sensibility with the richness of ceremony. It expresses a new luxury that is detailed. There’s a return to romantic swirls and cascades—textile influences like lace and ribbon. A sense of serenity is illustrated in virtually invisible layers in tone-on-tone. Inspired by crystal chandeliers, designs show reinterpretations of the river of diamonds, with white and pastel gems in new proportions. Light metal and complex pavé work is key in perforated patterns. There is a spirit of Simplified Art Nouveau expressed in figurative motifs, often in flower groupings suspended in layers that add movement. Transparent and opaque stones are vital in vaporized colors, frosted transparencies, whites, and color gradations. Round pave, beads, and pear and marquise cuts are set in contrasting finishes.

Geoblack combines a futuristic spirit and strong Art Deco and Bauhaus influence with tribal touches. Avant-garde and innovative, it searches for something new in minimal designs focusing on purity of shapes, colors and proportions. Black is significant in settings (black gold, oxidized silver and titanium) and stones (black and gray pearls, onyx, and jet), often accented by ruby, sapphire and emerald. Transparent and opaque gems are important in square, elongated baguette, marquise, and triangle cuts, compact shapes with rounded aspects, and pavé work. Contrasting finishes are key. Lingerie looks play on transparency. Influenced by architecture and an industrial spirit, designs are often masculine. Asymmetry is created in irregularities in organized patterns.

Florindi combines a romantic look with ethnic touches marked by vintage inspirations. A strong Indian and Indonesian influence mixes with various East Asian themes. Personalization encourages style-crossing multi influences. Flowers and ethnic textiles are key in fading patterns and patina designs. Jewels show big stones in sculpted settings. An essential blend is in rough and faceted gems. Whimsical color mixes offer a sense of random. Multicolor river necklaces, amulets, and charms on hoops, chains and rings are emphasized. Inspirations evolve from Tibetan Mandalas, folklore spirit, Indian paisley, and geometric frieze motifs. Warm yellow (amber, citrine, and spessartite) is the new ethnic gem color. Important are opaque and translucent stones, in beads, softened rough stones, pavé, oval, pear and octagon cuts, cabochon, and stone-in-stone.

Gameology is inspired by Asian diversity, a casual spirit symbolizing the Olympic Games in China. Technically advanced, while reminiscent of tradition and history, it focuses on global diversity and virtual reality. Multicolor gradations in circles and rings are key. Signs and symbols form around color nuances. The concept incorporates street style interpretations of plaques with optical effects; overlay motifs, digital inspirations, and new ways to wear jewellery. Jewels recreate a lightshow in luminescent materials, changing effects, anodized metals, and gems with multihued reflections. Geometric motifs are created with a sharp contrast between black and other graphic colors in classic shapes, asymmetric cuts, and engravings set in gold, silver, bronze, titanium, and steel.

Each year, Signity debuts innovative gems products reflecting forecasted trends. New in genuine stones.

New in created gems is CZ white in unique precision cuts by Signity that reveal vibrant reflective optics in the round brilliant Geo Star and Parachute cuts, and the soft and fluid Do-eyed Cut. TCF technology has also created new fashion colors in CZ including the cool and vaporous Artic Blue, rich golden honey Amber, graceful grayish Plexi Blue, scrumptious sunny Salmon Pink, a mesmerizing Green, and a lusciously Glam Red.

According to Rieder, trends revealed in GemVisions, in addition to the Signity gem products it inspires, offer jewellers insights and inspirations for their own brand strategies to remain fresh and trend setting in product, promotion, packaging, and presentation.

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