Venus Jewel’s Latest Mobile App - Buy Diamonds: Anytime,Anywhere!

Staying connected with your target consumers is crucial to any business these days and advanced mobile technology makes it possible. Venus Jewel, too, is making diamond buying more convenient, customer friendly with the launch of their latest app, says Rajesh R. Shah, Partner, Venus Jewel, while in conversation with {{Kavita Parab.}}%%
Venus Jewel’s Latest Mobile App - Buy Diamonds: Anytime,Anywhere!

During the JCK Las Vegas Show 2017, Venus Jewel launched its latest mobile app which brings their high value diamonds to the fingertips of all professional diamond buyers, retailers and jewellery manufacturers, who can access it anywhere, anytime on-the-go. Let us find out more about this app.

Q: What is Venus Jewel’s latest mobile app all about?
Rajesh: Freedom! Bringing our website to our customers with all its great features, details and abilities. Allowing our customers to have a simple, fast and effective way to perform their business requirements from anywhere, anytime!

Q: Venus Jewel mobile app offers unprecedented access to real-time pricing, diamond comparison and instant allocation of diamonds at a swipe? How do you intend to achieve that?
Rajesh: We have taken the best of our website features and put them in the palm of our customers’ hands. Our partners have been able to have all these features from our website since 1997 when we launched the first B2B website in the diamond industry. Now we are bringing the twenty years of expertise to the palm of our customers’ hands.

Q: What are some of the unique features of the app and how is it different from other existing mobile apps?
Rajesh: Our PDS Auction platform, proprietary grading system that defines all details of our diamonds, our new feature of Selected 4U which provides a unique advantage to our partners who use our system regularly, Voice recognition allowing our customers’ to search for diamonds using the 4C’s and weight of the diamond. Superior video system, messaging capabilities allowing our customers to use our system for all their needs. Billing and purchasing systems and so much more!!

Q: Since the launch at JCK Las Vegas Show, how has been the response to the app?
Rajesh: We have been very pleased with the way our partners have embraced our technologies and are looking forward to more and more people discovering the great ways Venus Jewel can help their business flourish.

Q: What does the future hold for diamonds sold via mobile apps?
Rajesh: As every aspect of our partners’ lives, purchasing diamonds is an important decision that they are making. To make an informed decision that allows them to purchase what they need when they need it was at the core of why we created our app. We wanted to give our customers not only the freedom and comfort of making such decisions anywhere, but also wanted them to be confident that what they are purchasing is exactly what they would expect. No matter where they are, no matter what time it may be. They can make the right decision through the company they used for decades on the web and be able to use all our features and services through our app from the palm of their hands.

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