JUST THE BEST - Jason of Beverly Hills

Meet Jason Arasheben, CEO,Jason of Beverly Hills or JBH, as he is known in his inner circle of high profile clients, who were mainly from the glamour world of entertainment, fashion and sports.
JUST THE BEST - Jason of Beverly Hills

From meeting members of Saudi Royal family, to making NBA Championship rings, from Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union to late Michael Jackson, Rihanna & Jennifer Lopez, the list is endless…JBH has an eminent client list of celebs who were bowled over by his splendid collection. His designs became talk of the town with the stunning, exquisite, gorgeous & elegant looking diamond collection. Jason’s collection not only changed the trend from traditional to modern but brought a revolution into the world of modern designs. Puja Kumar takes you through the journey of one of the world’s most desired, adored and celebrated superstar jewellery designer.

Unbelievable but true, there was a time when Jason as a newcomer used to approach people end number of times before someone approved his designs. But today, Jason has reached such a pinnacle of success & has carved such a niche for himself in this industry that his name adds credibility to the design orders he takes. Amazing, astonishing, elegant and stylish is how we will describe the incredible pieces he has designed. In a very short span of time, after his company was founded in 2002, Jason Arasheben had everything with him - name, fame, money and reputation. Courtesy : his one – of – a kind modern & eye catchy designs. What makes his design so unique and what inspires him to come out with such classy pieces. “I have always tried to design pieces thatmakes a statement without overshadowing a person’s identity. Initially, I was inspired to make outlandish necklaces, but recently I have started making extravagant statement rings. I wanted to make a ring that could be worn alone and you wouldn't need towear any other jewellery pieces.Our snake ring or our octopus ring are both great examples. Both are fluid designs that go across four fingers. I was initially inspired after seeing my client Rihanna's henna tattoo across her hands, and I knew I wanted to design a jewellery piece that mirrored a similar aesthetic.”

Being an extremely creative person, Jason enjoys his work but at the same time agrees to the fact that at times, while making a design from start to end, difficulties do pop up, but he takes all in his stride. “Flushing out an idea from concept to reality there can be some issues with making it feasible manufacturing wise. While this is the most difficult, I enjoy it because it adds to the creativity process.”

Considered a pioneer in this industry, his journey started way back in his college days when Arasheben sold silver trinklets to get rid off from his debts. He never thought one day he would not only run one of the most reputed companies but would rather become a brand in jewellery industry. He adds, “As a sophomore at UCLA I started selling silver jewellery to get out of some debt. By the time I was a senior I was working six schools at a time. I taught myself the jewellery business and started to put myself in situations where I could meet the types of clients I wanted to work with. As word of mouth went around, I started to get my clientele.”His hard work payed, Arasheben started to get his clients one after another, he was everywhere !

By looking at Jason’s design one can always say that his matchless, elite & classy look can be easily adored. Any one for sure will feel special wearing Jason’s collection, whether it’s men or women. In one of his recent creation for men, Jason designed a Cavalier collection where he worked on it from concept to creation. “The Cavalier Collection I have created recently is theme based. It has a royal theme to it. I felt there was a need for individuality for men when they are wearing suits. These accessories allow men to make their style their own and expand their fashion choices.”

Coming to women, Jason has a long list of female celebs who adore his designs, but we still wanted to know about what kind of women would become wearer of his designs – “Someone who is not afraid to take chances, but wants to express their own individuality. Women always look for a piece that is different and eccentric.” Talking more on this, we asked his valuable suggestions for Indian Woman, “You should never dress like the person next to you. Put on clothes that express your own personal identity. I’m more on the formal than casual side. I feel odd in shorts and a T-shirt. For women, I suggest, whatever makes you feel the most beautiful! Have a little fun with your jewellery. Maybe let it be the star of your outfit.”

Everyone had a reason to get mesmerized by Jason’s irresistible design which were fascinating and exceptional. And because of this uniqueness, his elite clients always wanted something unique and special from him. Speaking about one of the most interesting incidents of his career and one of the most difficult pieces,Arasheben talks about TV actor Nick Cannon’s $2 Million diamond shoes, which was made for the finale of America’s Got Talent. The Diamond pair shoes had more than 14,000 full cut round white diamonds, set onto white gold, with a total carat weight of 340 carats. “Most recently, Nick Cannon’s 2 Million Dollar Shoes for the finale of America’s Got Talent has been one of the toughest and most unique work for me,” he informs. Canon’s shoes were considered as one of the most expensive one & had set a new world record.

Moving on, we asked Jason to share more about his career achievements in the industry, on which he says, “Meeting people like the late Michael Jackson, members of the Saudi Royal family, making 2 NBA Championship rings, and even making engagement rings for Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union, have all been pretty great achievements and moments I will never forget.” This is for the third time that JBH has been selected to design NBA championship ring.

As a famous designer and a favourite amongst his ‘A’ list clients, Jason gets loads of satisfaction when it comes to client’s happiness. “When you handover your client his product, as a designer it’s always rewarding to see the excitement and happiness in their eyes. It is the best feeling in the world.” Though Jason has a long list of celebs as his client, we asked him which current or past style icon would he want to see, wearing his creations, “I look to past and present designers for inspiration. Everything from Rick Owens to Alexander McQueen. I admire designers with passion for their art & putting out a product they believe in, regardless of consumer demands.”

In an industry dominated by the traditional jewellers who took generations to build their name, JBH, in a very short span of time climbed ladder of success in no time. “It always means a lot when someone asks how we have managed to grow so big so fast without any outside investors. That is really the best compliment no matter how many times I hear,” he says with a glowing smile on his face.

Unlike many other designers, Jason designs are more focused on modern carvings than the traditional. He has always believed in things that are different, stylish, fashionable, matchless & classy. His designs have always won hearts and accolades; Jason says his journey into this business taught him many things. “I have always had love for designs & diamonds. I enjoy working with gold & diamond, but lately I have been enamored with using different colored stones as well. IfI bring colour to my pieces I prefer to do so with diamonds. Also as a designer, I always thought that it was important not to put myself in a position to be inspired by other jewellery designers. Instead, I learned to design from other perspectives outside my field. That type of thinking has helped to position us as the “not your grandmother’s jewelry” people expect from Jason of Beverly Hills.”

From his usual professional work, we shifted our questions to Jason’s personal life, hobbies and interest. Truly a family man, Jason loves spending time with his son. “Travelling and seeing new placeswith my family is what I love doing. I take my son to school, spend the day in the office taking meetings, sales calls, press interviews and end my day at 8pm back home with my family.” A busy man which he is, we quickly wrapped the interview with his advice for budding designers, “Never take no for an answer. Don’t let yourself get discouraged. Find your niche in design and find what you are passionate about. That passion will show in your work.” Last but not the least, we ask him about the latest assignment he is working on – “ I am gearing up for The Golden State Warriors Championship Ring,” he says with a beaming confidence.

With number of his stores located in hotels, Jason’s designs are getting noticed all over the world and now he wants to expand it in countries like China & Middle East. Presently, the flagship store is in the Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel Location, in Los Angeles, California, The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, North Carolina. JBH has just opened in the Miami Design District in Miami, Florida.

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