WDM launches WDM Retailer Opinion Poll

Intends to know what services retailers require to advance the generic diamond promotion
WDM launches WDM Retailer Opinion Poll

In the effort to spearhead generic diamond promotion, the World Diamond Mark (WDM) is taking the effort to understand what services the retail jewellers require most, to advance the generic diamond promotion to consumers, as per reports. For this, the WDM has launched the WDM Retailer Opinion Poll in which it is asking retailers to allot ranks to the services they would require in promotion, education, business services and industry coordination, areas, reports add. The poll will be conducted online and offline, and will include pullout forms being circulated to all readers through the World Diamond Magazine #7, and in the forthcoming issue to be released next month.

Alex Popov, the WDM Chairman noted that although it does hold good awareness of what retail jewellers require, ‘there is nothing like getting direct and up -to-date input from the business community we are committed to serve!,’ reports add. He further said that the poll is designed in detail to ask jewellers about their preferences in the rankings. The WDM intent is to help retail jewellers in re-invoking the consumer desire and confidence in diamonds and diamond jewellery.

Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, WDM's Programme Director noted that the WDM is committed to offer retailers who joined its WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer programme with high-quality, consumer oriented services, and thus the poll would help outline the required services for retailers to best serve their customers, as per reports.

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