WDC India: Day 2

Day 2: Session III: Crossing the Last Mile– Excellence in Jewellery Retail
WDC India: Day 2

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Oded Edelman, Co-Founder & CEO at R2Net LLC - JamesAllen.com says, “We invented the first diamond imaging technology. Today, we are scanning thousands and thousands of diamonds everyday. The internet is growing faster and faster around 24 per cent yearly. Instagram is taking over Facebook in the minds of young generation. The new generation is of augmented reality and is coming into the market. I think the stores are trying to mimic what we can do with data on the computers. Online deliveries are getting faster and faster, sometimes are even same day deliveries are possible. The stores can't really compete with that. A multichannel or an omni-channel is needed to provide a seamless shopping experience. Merchants can reach customers beyond domestic markets. The data we are able to collect through our online services is enormous. This will take a long time for a brick and mortar source.”

#Post 2:

C K. Venkatraman, CEO Jewellery, Titan Co., “We are looking at three broad trends for next 10 years: Career oriented women: The importance of office grooming, time spent at work, etc. for young women are very noticeable. We spoke to many women and they were awry of wearing Indian jewellery as they said it was too heavy and traditional. So, we created a line called ‘Mia’. We busted the office myths that jewellery is not a distraction. We created the campaign called, 'Mia - As beautiful as your work.'

Discerning wealthy: The trend of appreciation of finer things is making its presence felt. So, we launched Zoya showrooms which are very exquisite and world class. These are also the times of collaborations. We have collaborated with many renowned designers. We recently collaborated with Farah Ali Khan.

Romance and Relationship: The ‘One Love’ campaign of Tanishq has been around for many years. Love and emotions had always been the driving force of jewellery. Emotion is the key and capturing it in the new age way will strengthen the industry. India's demographic suggests that this is the way of forward.”

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