The Palm – chandelier earrings inspired by the inner beauty of an emerald and its origins

“The Palm” chandelier earrings pay homage to an emerald and its country of origin. The fascinating structures within the 4.97 ct Colombian emerald reminded Gübelin Jewellery designers of a wax palm, the national tree of Colombia. With its elegant chandelier elements, the earrings emulate the shape of the world’s tallest palm tree and its fronds.
The Palm – chandelier earrings inspired by the inner beauty of an emerald and its origins

Inspired by the inner world

The poetic and romantic designation jardin describes the plant-like shapes found within an emerald. A microscope reveals the fascinating hidden inner world of the gem reveals itself. Spectacular structures within the gem bear witness to its origins and are as unique and individual as a fingerprint. The emerald crystal was formed millions of years ago deep within the earth and these characteristics can provide valuable information about the gemstone’s history as well as its identity, authenticity and origin. Photomicrography of the Colombian emerald (4.97 ct) offers deep insights while celebrating the inner beauty of the gemstone. This combination of knowledge and aesthetics makes it possible to understand, interpret and embody the unique nature of the gemstone. The floral shapes seen within the emerald reminded designers of a Colombian wax palm.

The Palm

“The Palm” white gold earrings are set with two step-cut Colombian emeralds, 4.97 ct and 5.39 ct, connected to diamond chandelier elements. The unique design language of the earrings emulates the elegant stature of the wax palm with its lush green foliage. A multi-faceted mix of diamonds in various cuts and forms graces both chandelier elements. Here the group of 32 diamond marquises are reminiscent of delicate palm fronds. The combination of brilliant-cut and step-cut diamonds imbues it with glittering refractions resembling the light filtering through the rich green of the foliage.

Homage to its origins

Emeralds are associated with fertility, immortality and eternal springtime. Specimens from Colombia are especially treasured by gemstone collectors and connoisseurs. This South American country is one of the most renowned and important sources of emeralds.

The Quindio wax palm is the national tree of Colombia. The slender stems of this rare species of palm, the largest in the world, tower skyward as high as 60 meters. The design of “The Palm” is deeply rooted in Colombia, home of the most renowned emeralds and the world’s tallest palm trees. A weighty and multi-faceted homage to the origin and inner beauty of emeralds. The two Colombian emeralds in these earrings together weigh over 10 ct; the diamonds in their subtle mix of cuts total over 7 ct.

Highest artisanship

“The Palm” is a brilliant example of the highest level of artisanship, perpetuating the tradition of haute joaillerie. Thanks to its removable chandelier element, “The Palm” offers two ways of wearing it: as classic, elegant emerald ear clips, or more festively as chandelier earrings with their glittering settings of diamonds. A further subtle detail: both chandelier elements are harmoniously matched and yet each is a stand-alone design, radiating its own unique character. They embody the variety of nature while underscoring the wearer’s individuality. 

Gübelin Gemstone Rating

The new Gübelin Gemstone Rating offers more orientation and comparability when purchasing coloured gemstones. Only the highest-quality specimens qualify for an assessment, which combines the quality, rarity and salience of the gemstone into a clear point value. Experienced gemstone professionals awarded 81.4 Gübelin Points to the 5.39 ct emerald; the 4.97 ct emerald received 82.4 Gübelin Points. First-rate competence in coloured gems.

 Gemmlogical competence

Customers can place their trust in Gübelin’s gemmological competence. In addition to the Gübelin Gemstone Rating, “The Palm” is accompanied by two Gemmological Reports from the Gem Lab. These documents confirm the origin of the emeralds in Colombia. And to enhance the otherwise more scientific information, they include two additional documents, the Gemmological Profiles, which contain valuable background information, exciting insights as well as individual photos of both Colombian emeralds.

 Deeply Inspired

Experienced goldsmiths, jewel setters and polishers created the exquisite pieces, based on Gübelin Jewellery’s unique aesthetic. It is part of the Deeply Inspired philosophy, which pervades the company at all levels and stands for the combination of knowledge and beauty. “As a member of the sixth generation of our family-owned company, I am very proud of the way in which we combine beauty, knowledge and artisanship,” says Raphael Gübelin, President of the Swiss family-owned firm.


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