Smoothly painted in shades of white, the softly coved walls are refreshingly bare but for the leggy plinths where the first pieces of wearable, highly contemporary jewellery are displayed. One takes a deep breath before being greeted warmly by the jewellery advisor, and subsequently whisked away on a wondrous walk through the boutique and its bejeweled secrets. The diamond section is a circle of pure white light over a round display in cool grey, enhancing the sparkle of these exquisitely selected pieces in the finest of settings. 

There is a sense of discovery in seeing the two niches on the right flank of the space, as one moves from the wearable through the more expressive collections all the way to the most prized high value pieces where the finest of diamonds and coloured stones are formed into jewellery of exquisite beauty. One after the other, these niches reveal themselves, the faceted mirrors in the corners rimmed in the brand’s signature rose gold. Plush, roomy chairs specially designed for Zoya invite the visitor to spend time with the friendly advisors, admiring and enquiring about the jewellery, setting a leisurely pace.

Offering an island of creative immersion and self-expression in the centre of the boutique’s linear floor plan is the Bespoke Area, where clients interact with the brand’s jewellery designers to co-create custom pieces of art flowing into fine jewellery. It is here that one senses the pulsating heart of the brand, where inspiration, ideas and conversations are all thrown into the melting furnace from where the finest designs emerge. With curved separators on either side, this space forms a semi-private niche cleverly cordoned off from the rest of the boutique, striking just the right balance of exclusivity and openness.