Swarovski's new lab-grown diamond collection includes new cuts and colours

Swarovski's new lab-grown diamond collection includes new cuts and colours

During Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, Swarovski launched 16 new Swarovski created diamonds in astonishing cuts and colours

Make way for the new members of lab-grown diamond industry that is none other than celerbrity's favourite Swarovski.

Swarovski created diamonds are a 21st century innovation that builds on their heritage of mastery and craftsmanship, dating back to the company’s founding in 1895. With the debut of this colourful collection, Swarovski pushes the boundaries of art and science, offering lab-created diamonds in 16 astonishing colours – the most extensive assortment of hues available on the global market today.

2020 is Swarovski’s 125th anniversary and this exploration of new materials and technologies marks the promise of a colourful year and future. The colors in the collection pay homage to Swarovski’s history of mutually creative collaborations and to the vision and innovation on which the brand’s heritage and enduring ingenuity is built upon.

The 16 colors are arranged in four pillars, each referencing a creative field in which Swarovski has always played a vital role: Fashion, Art, Music & Architecture. The colors come from a range of inspirations: the sky in a cubist painting, a gothic sculpture, a couture gown and the colors dominating a variety of music cultures. Each pillar of the lab-grown diamonds contain four cushion cut diamonds led by the boldest of the four colours available in 2.5 ct. size. The rest three colours are 1.25 ct. each. The standard selection in fancy colors will reportedly be offered from 0.25 ct. to 1.5 ct.

The powerful and fantastical names reflect the unlimited creative potential that lies within each stone and colour.

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