Swarovski Gemstones Presents the New-Generation New Look Gem Visions

Embrace the Spring/Summer 2019 Creative Expression of YES TO ALL
Swarovski Gemstones Presents the New-Generation New Look Gem Visions

SWAROVSKI organized a dazzling private event “GEM VISIONS 2019” on 12th February 2018, at The Hyatt Regency Hotel- Mumbai for its exclusive branding partners & retail partners only. A Live webinar was also organized. Ms. Roza Topolnicka- Head Creative & Retail Marketing from Swarovski Gemstones Business presented the latest trends, designs, themes & innovations 2019. The extensive research done, foresightedness of preparedness was exemplary which made the event a grand success and the attendees were delighted to take back abundance of knowledge shared during the trend presentation.

At a time of radical change in our jewellery world, Swarovski Gemstones, the prestige brand for genuine gemstones and created stones, transforms the format and focus of Gem Visions, its industry leading trend and design service. Gem Visions will now be presented twice yearly, each issue with a seasonal slant, so that the first new-look Gem Visions is targeted specifically on Spring/Summer 2019. The dynamically different design, and notebook layout, with a fresh, playful freedom, are intended to ignite innovation, stimulate imagination and capture the essence of the season’s theme:  YES TO ALL.

In this Gem Visions we embrace and invite freedom of creative expression, we celebrate free spirits and thinkers, a sense of liberation in all facets of design, concept, color, form, craftsmanship, a new freedom in gem-cutting and setting. Looking ahead to spring 2019, we nurture today’s youth-fueled collective imagination, and the energy and ingenuity that drive change and progress, shaping social and cultural megatrends and diversity of design direction. We explore colours, mixing them with fantasy and originality, to harness their energy and the energy of light, which together make up the heart and soul of every gemstone. Inside the new lively magazine style Gem Visions, as always you will find both in-depth, authoritative research and analysis of global megatrends, and our projected design directions, backed up with influences, icons and inspirations. This year, however, we have integrated the design directions into the text, throughout the book, reinforcing their relevance through short, sharp trend-related editorial features and news items, showing how these social, cultural, fashion and design shifts are making their presence felt in our world. New too for Gem Visions, Spring/Summer 2019, is a special focus feature: as the new freedom of thought and spirit is led by the millennials who are shaping our future and our consciousness, we take an informative look back at times of similar social and cultural revolution, specifically the 1960s and 70s, showing just how the “swinging” and “disco” decades impacted jewelry design, fashion and lifestyles.


This season, we start by delving deep into three social and cultural megatrends, showing the design directions that we believe each will generate, along with relevant market insights and key items of jewellery:

  1. Millennials: It’s what everyone is talking about: we examine the profound changes brought about by Millennials, especially in the realms of luxury and communication, and ask how the jewellery world is responding. We highlight Chopard’s collaboration with Rihanna, journey to exotic places with the Digital Nomads, analyze the Millennial preference for experience and emotion over material possessions, and the fixation with an “Insta-Life”.
  2. Retail Revolution: As radical change sweeps the retail landscape, transforming the way we shop, the long-established ritual of the jewellery purchase seems out of date. Here we look at new jewelry-buying environments, catering to the demand for experiential, immersive storytelling in retail. We follow the latest trends in renting, sharing and the versatility offered by monthly boxes of exchangeable jewels.
  3. Powerful Women: The rise of the strong, fiercely individual yet resolutely feminine woman has gone hand in hand with a growing awareness of women’s issues around the world, resulting in a call to action. Over the past few years Gem Visions has tracked evolving ideals of femininity, and here we analyze the growing power of the female, the freedom of women to be themselves, whoever they want to be.

This short glimpse at through the key messages of the season can be explored in greater detail at: http://swarovs.ki/gv

Esteemed attendees for the event were Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd, RKR Gold, Surya Golds, Veera Gold, SENCO Gold,  Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers, Titan Industries Ltd, Anmol Jewellers, Reliance Retail Limited, Divinus Creations, Poonam Jewel, Blue Lotus Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, Neptune Gold, Gunjan Jewels, Pure Platinum Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, Sanghi Jewellers, Raia Jewels Pvt. Ltd. (Oro Gold), Tanvi Gold Cast, Tiara Fashion Silver Jewellery, Uni-Design Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, Zar (RG Bangle Pvt. Ltd), The White Gold, Sign International, Ramnarain & Co, Damara Gold. 

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