Surat based STPL develops indigenous ventilator to help India fight COVID-19

STPL is one of the few Indian companies to successfully develop a ventilator in such a crucial time. The real challenge is to make this life-saving device reachable to the needy people
Surat based STPL develops indigenous ventilator to help India fight COVID-19

A medical ventilator is a life-saving innovation for mankind. It provides artificial breathing when the lungs of a patient fail to do it naturally. According to the ICMR reports, around 5% of COVID-19 infected patients will require extensive care and mechanical ventilation, but India faces an acute shortage of reliable ventilators, to effectively deal with the current situation.

Sensing the dire need of ventilators, STPL pulled together its team of highly skilled technocrats and developed its ventilator in record-breaking short time. The ventilator has passed all the medical trials conducted at the Civil Hospital, Surat by a team of medical experts. The machine is now ready for mass production. STPL is gearing up to manufacture 250 units per day, to boost the hospitals' efforts to fight COVID-19. 

The IndoVent is robust, highly reliable, and easy to us. It is made with the same parts and technologies used in developing highly precise, automation oriented solutions for the diamond processing industry. The prototype ventilator has been validated in all the medical norms. The design is rugged and robust for rough use in emergencies. Ease of use is the key feature of the design, can be undoubtedly operated by para-medics. STPL aims to keep the price of this crucial equipment under a thousand USD per unit.

Dhirajlal Kotadia, CMD of the Sahajanand Group said, "We dedicate IndoVent to India, with an aim of Saving Lives, Serving Nation. We at STPL believe in solving global problems by developing and evolving technologies. We strive to augment the legacy of our own rich technological global expertise to support human and automated operations with precision and perfection in diverse sectors like healthcare, diamond processing, industrial automation and more. I am really glad that our expertise has been able to serve the nation when it is critically needed."

Rahul Gaywala, CEO of STPL said, "Considering the history of STPL, this rapid development of IndoVent is not surprising. STPL has a rich legacy of developing path-breaking technologies since 25+ years. It is a pioneering innovator of precision-driven laser technologies for diamond processing and a global leader in developing highly precise automation solutions for diverse industries."


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