Stargems Group and AA Rachminov redefine rough to retail

This newly formed initiative will include the joint sourcing, manufacturing & marking of south African rough diamonds utilizing SG’s proven rough sourcing capabilities & AA’s polished expertise & vast marketing channels
Stargems Group and AA Rachminov redefine rough to retail

Manufacturing will mostly be done at the Stargems’s state of the art cutting facility in Johannesburg that boasts of the latest technology & with a team of skilled local cutters. Stargems is an industry veteran when it comes to sourcing rough diamonds and along with AA Rachminov’s superior distribution and marketing capabilities it is a perfect association to create joint synergies to benefit the businesses of both companies. Stargems is an accredited DTC buyer.

Originated in the 1940’s, A.A. Rachminov has blossomed into one of the world’s most prestigious diamond providers specializing in both White and Fancy Colour Diamonds, on an international scale. The brand maintains a global presence, with branches in key diamond centers around the world, helping to better understand existing cultural differences and tastes regarding diamonds and to adapting accordingly. With over 80 years in the global diamond value chain, diamond manufacturing has naturally become part of the company’s DNA.

Insisting on taking an active and central role in the manufacturing process ensuring that its diamonds maintain their unparalleled quality during their evolution from rough to polished, Ori Rachminov states, “We’re very excited towards this joint venture. We’ll have the luxury to be present from the birth of diamond until it reaches our esteemed clients hand, enabling better value, top quality stones, and refined traceability. We only see incredible potential in this strategic partnership.”

Stargems was founded by Shailesh Javeri in 1981. The vertically integrated business, which has a legacy of over 38 years in trading of rough diamonds, has diversified into manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, tendering / auctioning of diamonds and diamond jewelry. From rough to retail, Stargems has successfully established a significant global presence in the diamond and jewelry industry. Stargems is spread across the globe in Antwerp, Mumbai, Dubai, Johannesburg and Hong Kong. All of the company’s manufacturing is done in Johannesburg and their factory is renowned for their level of expertise in large stones. The entire manufacturing process is based on standardized operating processes that ensure every diamond is subjected to the same high-quality treatment from rough to polish.

Shailesh Javeri, chairman states “We are extremely privileged to enter into this joint venture with A.A. Rachminov, our alliance will enable mother nature’s gift to us to be sourced and manufactured by the people that should benefit from them and ultimately reach the right people who can appreciate and treasure these wonderful creations.”


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