Shubham Jewelers hosts IGI's 'Know Your Diamond' Workshop in Mumbai

The workshop's unique approach, dedicated at helping diamond zealots across the city eliminated their apprehensions about the many aspects of a diamond that a buyer usually experiences.
Shubham  Jewelers hosts IGI's 'Know Your Diamond' Workshop in Mumbai

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) conducted the 'Know Your Diamond' seminar for the esteemed customers of Shubham Jewelers. The workshop that is known to enlighten diamond zealots across the many cities in India was successful at awakening some of the crucial aspects in diamond evaluation and pricing.

The content of the workshop covers every aspect of a diamond; starting from its journey from the mines to the market and the depth of the 4C's  - carat weight, clarity, colour and cut. The participants explored a whole new side of diamonds and the certification process. The session helped the participants get familiar with fancy shaped diamonds and realize the importance of getting them certified by a renowned diamond certifying authority. The clients were explained the method of reading a certificate and were introduced to the 5th C in diamond certification - confidence, a crucial factor that IGI passes on to the owner of an IGI certified diamond.

The IGI School of Gemology provides training programs to an increasing number of manufacturers and jewellery retailers. As a part of their sustained effort to educate the diamond enthusiasts across the country, IGI develops programs based on the individual and timely needs of each company or their customers. The foremost authority in the grading and certification realm, keeps them adept with the latest changes in the world of gems and jewellery. With an exceptional range of coursework that encompasses everything from rough diamond grading to gemstones, modern treatments and computer-assisted jewellery design, IGI is indeed the world's most trusted name in Diamond Certification and Education

For more details about IGI or the 'Know Your Diamond' seminar and workshop, visit us at or call 022 49736065 or 1800 102 8610 toll free. For a tour of the school, please visit IGI School Of Gemology, Level 3, Wing A, Laxmi Towers, BKC.

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