Shree Ramkrishna Export revamps its website

The new website offers online discounts and much more
Shree Ramkrishna Export revamps its website

Shree Ramkrishna Export, a leading Indian diamond manufacturing company has revamped the content of its original website, including the website address from into The new content includes a ready resource of information on upcoming diamond related news, events, corporate social responsibilities and the company’s grading parameters.

The website’s blue colour scheme expresses infinity, trust and loyalty towards the company’s customers worldwide. A special section is dedicated to explain the corporate growth since its inception in 1964, its management’s social activities for natural disaster and economically effected people. A link on the SRK Grading System informs customers on how to identify diamonds, its shape, pricing parameters, colour group and such.

A section named ‘The Fixed Price System’ offers price discounts for single stones upto a maximum of 2 percent of total purchase value. It offers online purchase of diamonds, and online discounts including an additional 1 percent discount on the net purchase value* over and above the price discount. The SRK online discount is applicable to online stock only and to its esteemed loyal customers who directly purchase online.

The company has dominance in the production of diamonds of 0.03 to 10.00 carats mainly in white ranging from D to J colors of IF to PK clarity. Diamonds ranging from 0.30 to 10.00 carats mainly in D to J colours of IF to SI2 clarity are available online.

Mr. Govind Dholakia, the philanthropist & visionary chairman of Shree Ramkrishna Export spoke on the new website initiative saying, “I have a very simple view towards success. It is positive thinking, positive thinking and positive thinking. And for the success of my organisation, I have helped the executives in establishing the essential corporate values since its inception. Truthfulness of product management, coupled with a constantly upgraded technology and a highly motivated team of artisans are some of the features that makes our organisation one of the best in the industry” The company is also participating at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair Hall 5, Asia World Expo.

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