Sarine Rolls Out e-Grading™ for Diamond Manufacturers

Manufacturers can now grade diamonds on-site for a more efficient pipeline
Sarine Rolls Out e-Grading™ for Diamond Manufacturers

Singapore Exchange Mainboard and Tel Aviv Exchange listed Sarine Technologies Ltd announces the rollout of its AI-based e-Grading™ to the midstream manufacturing segment of the diamond supply chain, enabling objective, accurate, consistent automated grading directly on-site, concurrent with the completion of the polishing process. With its e-Grading™ rollout, Sarine is also introducing its second-generation of AI-empowered grading technologies with the Sarine Clarity-II™ and an updated version of Sarine Color™, for even more accurate and consistent grading.

The Sarine Clarity-II™ provides grading across the entire spectrum of grades, from I to VVS. In addition, these second generation grading technologies will extend the limits of diamond evaluation beyond the traditional 4Cs. Sarine Clarity-II™ has the capability to evaluate a variety of commercial sorting parameters, including Black in Table (BIT), Black in Crown (BIC) etc. Similarly, the advanced Sarine Color™ provides for additional refining of the Color grade, by assessing fluorescence and tinge.

Sarine e-Grading™ is currently being rolled out to an expanded number of interested diamond manufacturers, having successfully completed advanced testing at several of India’s top-tier diamond manufacturers. With an emphasis placed on creating an efficient value chain, saving costs and increasing the margin for manufacturers and retailers, Sarine is set to reimagine the diamond industry once again. David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, commented, “Sarine has over 30 years of experience in the development and integration of revolutionary tech-based systems into the diamond industry value chain, with dramatic benefits. In the five years since the release of our AIderived grading, we have acquired substantial knowledge on how to implement AI-based systems to meet and exceed the industry's requirements, not only in the lab, but also on-site in various environments to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing, sorting, wholesaling and retail sourcing sectors of the value chain. With the rollout of e-Grading™, initially in the manufacturing segment, Sarine brings AI-based grading to the source, providing multiple benefits and making for a more efficient, shortened and cost-effective supply chain.”

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