STPL Develops the World's First ROBOT for Diamond Processing

STPL Develops the World's First ROBOT for Diamond Processing

The ROBOT is designed to make diamond processing completely accurate, rapid and human error-free.

STPL, the world leader and trendsetter in developing revolutionary technological solutions for diamond industry, has once again raised its own bar and brought glory to India in the field of innovation and technology. The company has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered ROBOT, the first ever for the entire global diamond industry. The ROBOT has been developed with entirely indigenous technology.

STPL launched the ROBOT at a grand show called ROBOMATION, attended by 1500 eager crowd of diamond processors at the Taj Gateway Hotel in Surat on 1st and 2nd December 2017. The pioneers and top players of the world diamond manufacturing industry hailed the ROBOT as a historical moment and achievement for the industry.

The ROBOT is bound to revolutionise the diamond processing, as though the industry has seen major automation thrusts, largely by innovations developed by STPL itself, the vital stages of the diamond processing still needs manual interventions. But the AI-powered ROBOT by STPL changes this forever. Without any human touch or intervention, the ROBOT picks and places a rough diamond at its place with utmost precision, removing all the chances of human errors. Fetch processing instructions from a competent machine, without any human intervention, i.e. a machine talking to another machine. As the processing of a diamond cutting completes as per the desired geometry, the ROBOT automatically lifts it up from the platform and places a new one in its place. The ROBOT is designed to make diamond processing completely accurate, rapid and human error-free.

Keeping in mind the value of this high-level innovation for the industry and its impact on the society in general, STPL has offered the ROBOT Solution at a very affordable price tag. STPL also launched an impressive array of its innovative, advanced Next Generation series of diamond processing machines under an aptly named "NG" series.

Showing its commitment to realising Digital India initiatives, STPL also launched a mobile app, which allows its customers to register their service calls with help of just a few clicks in the app, eliminating the need of waiting and trying to register the service request in a lengthy, time-consuming phone- based system. The app is called "MySTPL".

Conveying the vision behind developing the world's first diamond processing ROBOT, Dhirajlal Kotadiya, Chairman, STPL said, "With the ‘Make in India’ initiative, India is emerging as a new leader in innovative advancements and to complement these efforts. We at STPL, have made a historic contribution to the global diamond processing industry. We are very proud of the fact that we have developed the diamond world's first ROBOT, with a fully indigenously developed technology. Since its establishment, STPL has been making thoughtful contributions to the holistic development, aimed not only at the diamond industry but also at the overall, long-term social and national benefits. The AI-powered ROBOT is the gift of India to the whole world."

Rahul Gaywala, CEO of the company said, "Automation in diamond processing is the inevitable need of today and STPL, with its path-breaking innovations, has been the global leader for years. But our goal has always been to be a step ahead of time. I am confident that AI-powered ROBOT will help the whole diamond industry take a quantum leap in terms of accuracy, speed, and profitability. I am extremely happy and satisfied that one again, STPL is at the forefront of a revolution in the industry."

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