STENZHORN’s new jewellery pieces reflect ‘The Inner Fire’

The jewellery is made with deep red sapphires combined with diamonds
STENZHORN’s new jewellery pieces reflect ‘The Inner Fire’

The designers at German jewellery manufacturing company STENZHORN, have adopted the theme of The Inner Fire into creating the latest jewellery collection at STENZHORN - PASSION FOR LIFE. The theme takes on the expression that, ‘everyone wants to burn for something to inspire. The fire is a metaphor for energy, enthusiasm, creativity and inspiration. When you feel the "inner fire", then you burn for something,’ the company noted.

Christian Stenzhorn (Head of Sales & Marketing) said, "The latest pieces from the current STENZHORN collection stand for passion and strength - for the inner fire. Your inner fire is the element in your life that bring you forward. If you burn for something, then you change things. Specifically, the rings of the new collection, with the red sapphires in the inner part of the ring, symbolizes the inner fire."

Deep red sapphires combined with the clarity of countless diamonds have been used into creating unique rings, pendants and earrings. The jewelry is made with the highest standards of quality and workmanship of hand. The jewels of STENZHORN are available in Europe, Asia, in the Middle East and the USA.

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