Rio Tinto’s “Diamonds with a Story takes form of a jewellery showcase at Las Vegas

The collection speaks of four stories as ideas
Rio Tinto’s “Diamonds with a Story takes form of a jewellery showcase at Las Vegas

The next phase of Rio Tinto’s “Diamonds with a Story” initiative, took the form of a unique showcase of diamond jewelry in Las Vegas. Designed for the US market by eight world-class North American designers, the jewellery is part of an innovative marketing programme encompassing consumer research and creative collaborations with designers, manufacturers and retailers.

Bruno Sane, General Manager of Marketing for Rio Tinto Diamonds said, “Diamonds With A Story is the umbrella signature of our global market development initiatives in both established and emerging markets. It is also recognises that diamonds are not commodities, that every diamond has a story worth telling which consumers are keen to hear. The JCK Las Vegas jewellery show provides the perfect opportunity for us to showcase a new initiative under the ‘Diamonds With A Story’ umbrella, which will then be implemented in relevant formats in the all-important Indian and Chinese markets in the next 12 months”.

Based on consumer research conducted in the US, rio Tinto has developed four stories, concepts, and ultimately collections that encompass its portfolio of diamonds and address the US consumer. The four stories include - Shaped by Origin, Cutting Impact, Mixed Medium and Color My World, and they address identified consumer’s desire for - identifying the place of origin, the provenance of the diamond they buy; knowing that their diamond purchase is having a positive impact; unique, differentiating designs and concepts that really set them apart;and access to the attractive and luxurious world of natural colour diamonds.

The program provides the trade with a suite of material, including point of sale material, designs and training programmes, which can be customised to every situation and used to bring these innovative ideas and concepts to life. According to Rebecca Foerster, Manager of Rio Tinto Diamonds US Representative Office, “Whilst the US is a mature market for diamonds, it is a market that is constantly evolving and we are excited by how well the ‘Diamonds with a Story’ platform is resonating. This appetite for innovation is good news for miners, manufacturers, retailers and ultimately the consumer”.

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