Rio Tinto Unveils Iconic $2 million Argyle RoseTM Jewellery Piece

The Argyle RoseTM will be available for sale through Solid Gold Diamonds, located in Perth
Rio Tinto Unveils Iconic $2 million Argyle RoseTM Jewellery Piece

Rio Tinto has unveiled the latest heirloom piece of Argyle Pink DiamondsTM jewellery, featuring one of the  last diamonds to be mined from the Argyle mine in the East Kimberley, Western Australia. Exclusively  designed by Western Australian jeweller Solid Gold Diamonds, the Argyle RoseTM is notable for featuring a  total of 3.25 carats of rare Argyle pink and blue diamonds encrusted in a rose motif, surrounded by white  diamonds and hand-set in platinum and 18K gold.  

The heart of this unique jewellery piece is an extremely rare 1.36 carat, Fancy Deep Pink radiant cut  diamond. It is just one of twelve radiant cut diamonds over one carat with a colour grading, 1P, from the last  30 years of production from Argyle. The surrounding petaled design of pink and blue Argyle Diamonds™  totals 1.89 carats, together with 2.80 carats of white diamonds. The Argyle RoseTM can be worn as a ring or  statement pendant and is available for sale for $2 million. 

Sinead Kaufman, Chief Executive of Rio Tinto Minerals said “I am delighted to launch the Argyle RoseTM.  Encapsulating a rich history and an extraordinary provenance, it is both a contemporary treasure and an  heirloom for tomorrow. 

“These rare and precious diamonds are one and a half billion years old, from one of the most beautiful  places on earth, and the world is simply not producing them anymore.” 

The Argyle Rose™ has been created as part of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Icon Partner™ programme, which  aims to preserve the provenance and integrity of Argyle Pink Diamonds since the mine completed production  in November 2020. Led by international jewellers renowned for their unique and captivating vision, the  programme honours the world’s most valuable diamonds through world-class craftsmanship and evocative  design. Each creation represents the ultimate in rarity and collectability. 

Peter Greene, Executive Chairman of Solid Gold Diamonds said ““As a pioneer custodian of Argyle pink  diamonds, it was incredibly humbling to be asked to design a true generational heirloom for the Argyle Pink  Diamonds Icon program. Solid Gold Diamonds has built a strong partnership with Argyle Pink Diamonds  over the past three decades. During this time, we have had the privilege of transforming these precious pink  diamonds into coveted jewellery pieces. The Argyle RoseTM design signifies the pinnacle of our long standing relationship.” 

The Argyle RoseTM will be available for sale through Solid Gold Diamonds, located in Perth.  

In November 2020 mining ceased at Argyle, after 37 years of operations and producing more than 865  million carats of rough diamonds.

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