Participation at GIA India Alumni Networking Events

More than 70 alumni members attended the events in Mumbai, New Delhi and Jaipur
Participation at GIA India Alumni Networking Events

GIA India hosted networking events in New Delhi on Aug. 19, in Jaipur on Aug. 20 and in Mumbai on Aug. 26 to foster networking and discussion among graduates of GIA education programs. More than 70 GIA alumni members from these cities gathered to meet with Shahdeh Ammadi, GIA Director of Institute Relations and for the opportunity to discuss creating more networking opportunities, future alumni engagement plans and various ways to strengthen the community.

 “It was a privilege to meet and interact with our alumni base in India. The expertise of our seasoned alumni paired with the drive and innovative spirit of our recent graduates, made for dynamic discussions throughout my trip. There is great potential for growth and expansion in all we do to support continued advancement in their professional development. India has been, and will be a priority for our alumni engagement, as it is one of GIA’s largest global concentrations of graduates,” said Shahdeh Ammadi, GIA Director of Institute Relations.

 “When GIA alumni come together, such reunions encourage each member to be actively involved and show great networking participation. These gatherings received attendance in great numbers and it was a rewarding success witnessing the strength of the GIA alumni network,” said Nirupa Bhatt, Managing Director of GIA India and Middle East. “We also discussed GIA India’s commitment to support our alumni with more programmes for active engagements in the future.”

 The GIA Alumni Association's mission is to reach, serve and engage GIA alumni through continuous networking; to encourage lifelong relationships and provide opportunities for continuing education. GIA has more than 135,000 alumni across 65 chapters worldwide.

“The GIA Alumni Association plays a major role in providing its members a platform which increases their exposure to like-minded professionals and develop stronger bonds,” said Yash Dhamani, Director, National Facets, Jaipur, and President of the GIA Alumni Jaipur Chapter.  “GIA alumni events provide a very strong and committed global business network that remains unmatched throughout the gem and jewellery industry. We plan to organise professional development programmes, industrial workshops, field trips and group discussions to encourage all members of the chapter to actively utilise the opportunities that will help them grow their businesses. GIA Alumni Association empowers us to create a legacy that extends beyond its name and we will always be grateful.”

“It is a great forum for the alumni to stay connected and gradually it will lead to deep relationships that help gain real insight from each other. Going forward, we would like to conduct regular meetings at least once every quarter to stay updated, encourage mentorship programmes and explore digital platforms – as well as other exciting ideas for the future. Initially, the emphasis will be to get to know each other and, gradually, make the experience more engaging for the alumni,” said Vikram Bhat, Managing Director, Kiara Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. and GIA Alumni Mumbai Chapter President.

 “Networking events like these help us to reinvent alumni relations and can serve as a very important link between the Institute and the trade. We, as alumni members, have always looked up to GIA as a premier institute with an illustrious past and a bright future in store for its students. The bonding and subsequent interactions of members at such gatherings often culminates into serious cohesive collaborations amongst its members and the industry,” said Atul Jain, Director, Atul Jewellers and Almas Jewels Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. He added, “Apart from the regular gemmological discourses, and exchange of information, we wish to organise sessions on new developments and modern techniques, in the field of business management and organisation in order to be empowered by knowledge and techniques to implement growth.”

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