Pandora is top online jewellery retailer: research by Karus Chains

Enjoys visitor hits of 2.3 million every month
Jewellery image courtesy: Pandora
Jewellery image courtesy: Pandora

A research conducted by online retailer Karus Chains, noted Pandora as the most popular online jewellery retailer with visitor hits of 2.3 million every month, as per reports. The second most popular online retailer was Russian Love-Sl with 1.6 million visitor hits. Following in third place was Swarovski, Tiffany as fourth and Bluenile in the fifth position. The research measured 76 online jewellery retailers, as per reports. The research also measured the social traffic, average time on site and other aspects. Brilliant Earth (9) topped social media visitor traffic, and (10) had the longest stay of visitors on its site.

Karus Chains is an online retailer with specialization in men’s jewellery.

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