PNG Jewellers collaborated with Red FM to run ‘Asli Heera of my Life’ contest

Red FM ‘Asli Heera of my Life’ contest winner received a diamond necklace worth Rs. 1 lakh from PNG Jewellers
Saurabh Gadgil, CMD, PNG Jewellers with the winner of the contest
Saurabh Gadgil, CMD, PNG Jewellers with the winner of the contest

PNG Jewellers recently collaborated with Red FM for a contest for their patrons in Pune. The contest was called ‘AsliHeera of My Life’ and the lucky winner won a grand prize of diamond necklace worth Rs. 1 lakh at the event held PNG Jewellers’ largest store in Hadapsar, Pune.

The contest was split up in 4 weeks of December where a question related to diamonds was asked by the RJ to the listeners and the one who gives the most creative and wittiest answers stood a chance to win silver coins every day. An event was hosted every Saturday at various PNG stores in Pune to give away silver coins to 5 winners of a particular week. The questions asked to listeners were very unusual and personal at the same time, like qualities of diamonds that makes us to treasure them, Sparkling moments you’d cherish forever like diamonds and who is the ‘Asli heera’ of your life?

At the final event at Hadapsar store on 31st December, a RJ studio shift was organized which was proven to be an attraction for the visitors. The anchor played interactive games with the crowd and distributed gifts. Arjun Rangapure was chosen as the final winner in the Lucky Draw and Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director himself presented him the grand prize

Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman & MD, PNG Jewellers said, “PNG Jewellers have always focused on customer satisfaction. Activities like these give the brand and audience a platform to communicate and interact with each other apart from regular business days. It also ensures the audience that the brand is customer friendly and increases the brand’s recall value. PNG Jewellers believe that the customer is King and we always invest in such marketing initiatives where our customers feel like one.”


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