Overall diamonds segment fails to pick up @IIJS Signature

Less footfall, minimal inquiries surround the diamond segment.
Overall diamonds segment fails to pick up @IIJS Signature

During the second day of IIJS Signature, the diamond segment, be it jewellery or loose diamonds, failed to see good movement.

As Diamond World team spoke to a lot of exhibitors, there was a common reaction from all of them about the show being very lull. There have been very less inquiries though some of them had genuine buyers. However, even the genuine inquiries have been very less, sometimes 2-3 in a day.

Among the natural diamonds, 1 to 10 pointers, star and melee have been receiving few inquiries.

In regards to precious stones, ruby and emerald were as usual seen everywhere be it in loose section or jewellery. Besides, blue and yellow sapphires; tanzanite were also seen.

Colour treated natural diamond beads like black and brown have been getting fair demand from South and the USA.

Overall, the sentiment is low; three more shows (Dubai, Bangkok and Hong Kong) being round the corner seem to be affecting the show so far.

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